L-7-20-04 Waterline Replacement for Hwy 55 to Pointe Aux Chenes, Houma Attachment: L-7-20-04 Spec Bid Final.pdf 
Louisiana > Terrebonne Parish Consolidated Waterworks District No. 1
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Project is to replace existing 8" CI waterline with a new 12" PVC waterline.  Existing 8" waterline shall be abandoned in place.  Scope includes the following:
  • Furnish and install 14,173 LF of 12" dia. C-900 PVC waterline via open cut.
  • Furnish and install 4,972 LF of 12" dia. C-900 via directional drill.
  • Furnish and install 380 LF of PE DR-11 directional drill
  • Furnish and install 36,810 pounds of ductile iron fittings.
  • Furnish and install various waterline connections, valves, hydrants, and appurtenances.

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23-Jul-2021 05:26:04 PM
Entire project has been revised to a 12" diameter waterline in lieu of the previous design of 10" diameter waterline. The bid date has also been moved back 1 week to 8/4/21 at 2:00 pm.