Curriculum Software for Instruction, Remediation, and Enrichment (K-12) Attachment: JCSD RFP for Software Instruction, Rem, Enrichment.pdf 
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The district is requesting proposals/quotes for the following:  curriculum software for instruction, remediation, and enrichment for grades K-12 in all core subjects (English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and the Social Sciences), as well as supplemental subject areas (such as, but not limited to, Foreign Languages, Fine Arts, Health, etc.).  We have recently moved to a 1:1 device implementation plan with hybrid learning of synchronous and asynchronous learning.  The goal of the JCSD is to use this program for supplemental individualized learning of enrichment and remediation for all grades within all subjects (K-12).  In addition, this program will be the core program for credit recovery of credit-bearing courses and direct instruction for the alternative school users (grades 6-12).  See attachment for RFQ

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