Collection, Transportation, and Disposal of Residential/Commercial Solid Waste and the Purchase of Used Automated Side-Loading Refuse Trucks and the Purchase of Used 96-Gallon Roll-Out Containers
Louisiana > Vermilion Parish Police Jury
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The service covered by this contract is for the collection, transportation, and disposal of solid waste from approximately 21,700 residential and commercial units located in the Parish of Vermilion, Louisiana. Included with this contract is the purchase of thirteen (13) used automated side-loading refuse trucks and the purchase of approximately 22,000 used roll-out 96-gallon containers.

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Bids must be submitted on bid form provided in specifications. Information must be printed, hand entered, scanned and attached as a document to submit an online bid for this project. To submit a bid bond electronically, front and back of bid bond must be scanned and submitted as a separate attachment to the online bid.
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