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City of Gulfport
Request for Proposals for Engineering and Architectural Services
Legal Notice
The City of Gulfport intends to employ a consulting engineering and/or architectural firm to provide engineering services utilizing a Cost plus Fixed Fee, Labor Hour/Unit Price or Lump Sum/Firm Fixed Price contract for the Federal Railroad Administration Grant – Depot Downtown Improvements Project.  The grant will be used to construct improvements to the station building, station access, and parking facilities, and include a new platform. This project is centered on historic restoration of the East/West passenger rail platform at the depot in downtown Gulfport.  All work will be coordinated with the Southern Rail Commission and done in accordance with the American Disabilities Act.  The Consultant’s scope of the services includes, but is not limited to, surveying, development of construction plans/specifications, preparation of easements/right-of-way maps and deeds for purchases, environmental related services, bidding phase services, construction engineering, and inspection services.
Upon selection, negotiation, and execution of contract, the City of Gulfport anticipates the duration of the consultant’s contract to be approximately 3 years. We anticipate executing the contract by March 2021.
Consulting engineering firms interested in providing these services may so indicate by furnishing the City of Gulfport  One (1) original and three (3) copies plus a digital version of an Expression of Interest which should consist of the following:
1.       A cover letter specifying the name and complete description of project, the name of the project manager, and the location and address of the office to be assigned the majority of the work;
2.       A resume for each principal member, the project manager, and employee(s) of the firm anticipated to be assigned to the project.  Also, provide an organizational chart and list each person's experience and qualifications, including proof that a Project Engineer is licensed as a Mississippi Professional Engineer and that the Project Architect is a Mississippi Professional Architect and that the firm(s) has met state licensure and certification requirements*;
3.       A description of similar type work completed during the past five (5) years which qualifies the consultant for this work; the consultant’s cost and consultant’s schedule completion and actual completion of this work;
4.       Provide any information to indicate that the team has the necessary resources, including available staff, to complete the project within the timeframe indicated above.  The Consultant should indicate any other active and planned projects that any individuals, as listed on the organization chart (including any subconsultant(s)), are currently working to complete.  The consultant should indicate how they plan to balance workloads to commit the staff and resources necessary to successfully complete the project on-time. 
5.       A response containing the information upon which the consultant will be evaluated; and,
6.       Part II of Standard Form (SF) 330, Architect-Engineer Qualifications.  This Form can be obtained at http://sp.gomdot.com/Consulting%20Services/Forms/Standard%20Form%20(SF)%20330,%20Part%20II.pdf
The City of Gulfport will evaluate the Expressions of Interest based on the following factors listed in their relative order of importance: 
The experience in performing the type of work outlined in the Scope of Work (which can be picked up from the Office of Procurement at 1410 24th Street, Gulfport, MS 39501 or  the firm may request the Scope of Work by email from cdebenport@gulfport-ms.gov); 
Qualifications of the principals and professionals to be assigned; 
The consultant’s experience in working with projects involving public funding; 
The extent of in-house capabilities of the firm; and 
The consultant’s size and capability of available staff to perform this work in accordance with an expedited progress schedule, considering the firm’s current and planned workload. 
The City of Gulfport reserves the right to select one (1) consultant or select a short list of consultants from whom more information will be required.
The City of Gulfport reserves the right to reject any and all Proposals and/or to discontinue contract execution with any party at any time prior to final contract execution.
The DBE goal is 0%.
To be considered, all replies must be received by the Office of the Procurement, at 1410 24th Street, Gulfport, MS 39501, on or before 5:00 p.m.  December 17, 2020.  The Expressions of Interest should be submitted and marked on the outside as “Federal Railroad Administration Grant – Depot Downtown Improvements Project .”
This Legal Notice will appear in The Clarion Ledger and the Sun Herald on November 5, 2020 and November 12, 2020.
*Miss. Code Ann Sections 73-13-1 through 73-13-45 (1972) (as amended) govern the practice of engineering in Mississippi.  Firms are encouraged to contact the Mississippi Board of Licensure for Professional Engineers and Surveyors at (601) 359-6160 to insure that individuals and firms are qualified to offer and provide services in the State of Mississippi.  The Board’s web address is www.pepls.state.ms.us.
Send Invoice & Proof of Publication to :    Connie Debenport, CPPB
                                                                City of Gulfport
                                                                P.O. Box 1780
                                                                Gulfport, MS  39502-1780


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