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South Pike School District
Notice of Request for Instructional Support
(Request for Proposal 2024-2025 Instructional Services)
The South Pike School District ("the District") through its Federal and State Programs is publishing a Sealed Request for Proposal ("RFP") soliciting vendor proposals and qualifications for contracted educational services in the area of professional development and on-site coaching for teachers in core subjects. These services may include consultation, advisement and facilitation or presentation of professional development sessions with a focus on relevant teaching and learning, culturally relevant pedagogy, content and conceptual development, in and out of classroom coaching, observation and debriefing, coherent integration of  resources,  materials,  and  technology,  vertical  and horizontal alignment of curriculum and in-depth of training to the level of rigor and complexity of all educational standards , classroom management and positive behavior support, Professional  Learning Communities, instructional support  services for administrators, teachers and all other relevant staff.
The complete RFP can be obtained via the district’s website at . All responses must be submitted as set forth in the complete RFP.  All interested parties are solely responsible for obtaining the full RFP before the stated deadline, and for all costs associated with preparing and submitting the response.  The completed response must be either submitted electronically via or hand delivered to South Pike School District, 250 West Bay Street, Magnolia, MS 39652.

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