Replace Chillers for Hinton Hall and Heidleburg Halls - Perkinston Campus Attachment: BID DRAWING.pdf 
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Replacement of the existing chiller(s) at Hinton Hall and Heildeburg Hall, including but not limited to the following: 
Demolish existing chiller(s) and remove from site, disconnect existing piping, power, controls. Contractor will supply new chiller to site. This contractor to provide crane service for demolition and installation of new chiller. Install new chiller complete with required piping changes, reconnection of Siemens controls, reconnect power (upgrade per NEC from disconnect to chiller as necessary)  with new conductors and conduit to existing disconnect, cellular glass and Armaflex insulation (aluminum covers on new and old to grade), strainer, and perform factory chiller start up using recognized manufacturer representative for warranty purposes.  Provide refrigerant if not part of chiller providers start up service for topping off and or removal if over charged. Provide factory startup.

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08-Sep-2019 10:42:46 AM
Addenda #1 omits chiller C-3 from the project at Heidleburg Hall - chillers C-1,2 at Hinton remain in project