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The Brookhaven School District Board of Education will accept written proposals for Content-based Tutorial Services for the 2024-2025 school year. All proposals must be submitted to the Office of the Superintendent of Education at 326 East Court Street, Brookhaven, MS, 39601, no later than 10:00 A.M. on Wednesday, March 20, 2024. 
Official bid documents may be downloaded from Central Bidding at  Electronic and hardcopy bids will be accepted. For questions relating to the Central Bidding platform, please contact Central Bidding at (225)810-4814.
Bid packets with complete specifications may also be obtained at the Office of the Superintendent, 326 East Court Street, Brookhaven, MS, 39601. Telephone inquiries may be made to Dr. Danny Rushing, Deputy Superintendent, at (601)833-6661 ext. 1021.
The Brookhaven School District Board of Education reserves the right to accept / reject all bids and waive any irregularities.
All bids are subject to federal/state appropriation and the ability of the district’s Comprehensive Federal Program Application to accommodate this expense.

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LitteraEducation on 04-Mar-2024 11:36:15 AM CST
Will the district accept virtual tutoring services?
BSDDR on 04-Mar-2024 3:39:48 PM CST
We will review all proposals submitted.
fevtutor on 05-Mar-2024 9:00:59 AM CST
What subject areas are you seeking?
AirTutors on 06-Mar-2024 10:56:48 AM CST
How does a prospective bidder go about obtaining this RFP without paying $50?
BSDDR on 06-Mar-2024 11:50:24 AM CST
Subject Areas: Math, ELA, and Science
BSDDR on 06-Mar-2024 11:58:03 AM CST
Make a request to [email protected]
plantingseeds22 on 13-Mar-2024 9:09:27 PM CDT
For the total price per day, what's the best way to share this? There is no detail of amount of students needing to be served, group sizes and schedules for students.
BSDDR on 18-Mar-2024 8:37:05 AM CDT
Daily rate per tutor/coach. You're welcome to also submit a per pupil rate or cost per group size.
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