Project "B" Existing Belleview and Choctaw Elevated Water Tanks Raising Attachment: IPC Project B Spec.pdf.pdf 
Iberville Parish Government
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The work is generally described as follows:
Raising of two (2) existing 100,000 gallon spheroid (pedesphere) type elevated water tanks approximately 18 ft each.  The two existing tanks, Belleview Tank and Choctaw Tank will be raised to match the elevation of the existing Pt. Pleasant elevated tank on River Road (Hwy 405).  Raising includes new bottom riser shell and bottom reinforcement, adjustment of fill line riser pipe, replacement of altitude valve and related piping, ladder, safety cage and climbing apparatus adjustment, overflow pipe adjustment, painting of new riser section, removal and reinstallation of existing fence and/or replacement with new fence as required, etc. as shown on the Drawings and/or as directed by the Engineer.


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