2-21 Boley Elementary School Attachment: 2-21 Boley Elementary School Specifications.pdf 
Louisiana > Ouachita Parish School Board
Sealed Bid: 5361798
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HNRsupply on 23-Jun-2020 03:08:59 PM
What about the foodservice equipment. That section is missing from the specifications.
OPSBBJ on 23-Jun-2020 05:03:16 PM
You will need to check with the architect on this item. His name and number are listed in the bid specifications.
All updates/changes are listed below::
02-Jul-2020 01:39:48 PM
There are four (4) addenda with this bid. Fourth Addenda was issued outside the 72 hour period. See all addenda attached with the bidding documents
01-Jul-2020 05:35:16 PM
A third addendum is being added to this bid. There are now three addenda.
30-Jun-2020 05:41:36 PM
See Addendum Two added to this bid.
25-Jun-2020 09:11:49 AM
See addendum one added to this bid. Also, there is a mandatory pre-bid conference which was in the first advertisement and is included in the bidding documents at 2:00 PM on June 26, 2020. The information for the mandatory pre-bid conference is not part of the addendum and is being added as a courtesy to the bidders.