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Listing Information/Advertisement
Notice is hereby given that the Terrebonne Parish School Board, in accordance with LA R.S. 17:87.8, will receive sealed bids in its Purchasing Department for Hunting and Trapping Privileges on Section 16 Lands until the hour of two o’clock PM (2:00 PM) May 5, 2021. Bids received in the Purchasing Department after 2:00 PM will not be accepted. Bids will be opened, publicly acknowledged, and read aloud, at two-thirty o’clock PM (2:30 PM) the same day in the Purchasing Department, 340 St. Charles Street, Building #3 Houma, Louisiana 70360.
            SECTION TO BE LEASED/BID          ACREAGE                  LOCATION                                   
Section 16-T18S-R15E                        640.00                         Near Bayou Copsaw
Section 16-T18S-R16E                        640.00                         South Union Oil Canal
Section 16-T19S-R13E                        640.00                         Near Creole Bayou
Section 16-T19S-R15E                        640.00                         Near Jug Lake
Section 16-T19S-R01E                        640.00                         Near Lake Decade
Section 16-T20S-R05E                        640.00                         North East Shore of Lake Mechant
Section 16-T20S-R20E                        416.67                         East Shore Near Lake Chien
Section 16-T21S-R15E                        320.00                         Near Bay Voisin, “Caillou Lake”
Section 16-T21S-R16E                        640.00                         Bay Moncleuse, Near Four Isle Dome
Section 16-T21S-R20E                        640.00                         Near Old Lady Lake
Section 16-T22S-R15E                        537.68                         Gulf East of Bayou Grand Lake
Section 16-T22S-R17E                        640.00                         Near Bay Mangrove on Bayou Sale’
Section 16-T22S-R18E                        619.46                         Near Bay Coon Road
Section 16-T23S-R16E                        640.00                         Near Pelican Lake     
Section 16-T23S-R17E                        640.00                         North Lake Pelto
The School Board does not warrant the acreage indicated in the sections advertised for hunting and trapping is all land. The acreage listed in the advertisement is the acreage originally given to the School Board by the State of Louisiana. A portion or all of the property may be a water bottom associated with a bayou, canal, or ditch and may have significant or minor land loss due to erosion.
Bids must be submitted on the official bid forms which may be obtained from the Purchasing Department office, Terrebonne Parish School Board, 340 St. Charles Street - Building #3, Houma, LA, requesting by phone at (985) 876-7400, extension #244, email:, or downloaded from www.centralbidding .com.
Bids shall be accompanied by a deposit, equal to 100% of the amount bid for the first year rental, in the form of a certified check or money order, made payable to the Terrebonne Parish School Board. The deposit will be returned to the unsuccessful bidder or credited to the successful bidder. NOTE: The deposit shall be non-refundable to a successful bidder declining bid award.
All bids shall be enclosed in a sealed envelope (addressed to Purchasing Department, Terrebonne Parish School Board, 340 Saint Charles Street Houma, LA 70360) In accordance with LA R.S. 41:1214, bids shall be secret, sealed applications. Each bid shall be either hand-delivered by the bidder, or his agent, in which instance the deliverer shall receive a written receipt, or such bid shall be sent by registered or certified mail with a return receipt requested. No lessor shall accept or take any bids, including receiving any hand-delivered bids, on days which are recognized as holidays by the United States Postal Service. Bids received prior to the scheduled bid opening will be securely kept unopened. Terrebonne Parish School Board bears no responsibility for receipt of a bid submitted by Certified Mail where delivery may be delayed and not be received by the bid due date and time. Bidders are cautioned to allow ample time for the transmittal of bids by United States mail or other carrier. Failure of the U.S. Mail or other carrier to deliver bids in a timely manner shall not be considered due cause to extend the time of the scheduled bid opening.
To the extent allowed by law, the Terrebonne Parish School Board reserves the right to reject any or all bids for just cause.
Gregory Harding, Board President
Publication Dates: April 1, 2021; April 14, 2021; April 28, 2021

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