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Provide all materials and labor to replace an existing 70 ton air cooled chiller at the Fine Arts building for Jefferson Davis Campus on Switzer Rd in Gulfport, MS.  Chiller project shall include demolition of existing York chiller, removal from campus of same, then install new chiller.  Installation shall require miscellaneous piping, some electrical work to include disconnet and reconnect with new fused disconnect, disconnect and reconnect of existing Siemens controls with programming, piping insulation with aluminum jacket, start up and testing, and owner training.  Chiller shall include 5 year bumper to bumper warranty to include labor and refrigerant, be low sound, marine grade coated condenser coils (copper tube and aluminum fins preferred and considered over microchannel), tube and shell heat exchanger, condenser grilles, dual circuit, BacNet ready with cards installed, strainer, and unit mounted disconnect.  Piping is sch 40 steel pipe.  Reset chemical treatment when complete.  See plans and specifications for additional requirements. 

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any references to "furnished by owner" in specs and drawings should be omitted - contractor shall furnished all materials and labor, adds condensing boiler specification, establishes job site visits with schedule and location.
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any references to "furnished by owner" in specs and drawings should be omitted - contractor shall furnished all materials and labor
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