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St. Charles Parish Public Schools is seeking written proposals to provide high-speed Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) and a Wide Area Network (WAN) to meet the districts needs today and in the future. The duration of the contract shall be 3 years with an option to renew for up to 2 years. The contract will begin July 1, 2013.

The intent of the specifications is to request proposals for an E-rate eligible, cost-effective, high speed dedicated internet access and wide area network, as specified by the district, from a vendor who can provide high quality services and support in a timely manner.

Your proposal should address each of the following topics: 1.) costs, 2.) network architecture, 3.) support & qualifications, 4.) implementation process & timelines, and 5.) prior experiences. Read each section carefully and provide detailed information. In addition to providing a narrative of the costs associated with the project, complete the DIA Cost Sheet and the WAN Cost Sheet provided with this RFP.

Proposals can either be delivered in an envelope clearly marked RFP for Dedicated Internet Access and Wide Area Network Connectivity
to St. Charles Parish Public Schools, Attn: Stephanie Steib, Technology Department, 13855 River Road Luling, LA 70070, or submitted electronically via the “Online Bids, RFPS, etc.” link at All proposals must be received by 10 a.m. on Monday, January 14, 2013.

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attgoved on 18-Dec-2012 03:11:21 PM
Any possibility of an extension on the due date?
StCharlesITS on 18-Dec-2012 03:23:34 PM
At this time there is no consideration of an extension.
StCharlesITS on 04-Jan-2013 07:23:58 AM
I reviewing the RFP, you indicate bringing connectivity from all sites to four established DMARC’s. Is there a reason for all sites not terminating at the technology center? If we propose point to point circuits from schools back to Tech Center, would this be allowed? All sites must terminate back to the school board office. The 4 DMARCs are located at the school board office. On the price sheet for WAN, you have the school board office listed 4 times. If you allow PTP circuits, Detel would price 22 sites. Twenty one schools and the school board office. Would this be correct? The school board office is listed 4 times to split the traffic coming from/going to the schools. Instead of the circuits from the other sites all coming in to one circuit, they should be quoted to come in separately as noted on the Wide Area Network Cost Sheet under each circuit. If you need any further clarification, please call 985-785-3126.
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RFP for Dedicated Inteet Access and Wide Are Network Connectivity
St Charles Parish Public Schools, ATTN: Stephanie Steib, Technology Department
13855 River Road Luling, LA 70070
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RFP for Dedicated Inteet Access and Wide Are Network Connectivity
St. Charles Parish Public Schools
Attn: Stephjanie Steib, Technology Departement
13855 River Rd
Luling LA 70070
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