Security Upgrades at Thibodaux High School Attachment: OTB Construction Drawings 20181214 THS Security Upgrades.pdf 
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The scope of work for this project includes the following to be performed at Thibodaux High School:
-  Provide staff parking adjacent to the existing service drive.
-  Provide turnstile/gate entrance/exits with decorative fencing at 2 existing building exits.
-  Provide turnstile/gate entrance/exits with chain link fencing at existing buss drop off.
-  Create an enclosed, conditioned secure entry vestibule in existing teacher’s lounge.
-  Secure remaining school building exits.
-  Provide a new covered, secure turnstile/gate entrance near the existing tennis courts.
-  Provide chain link fencing to secure the entire campus.Secure openings to crawl space under the building slab.

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