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Louisiana > Terrebonne Parish Recreation District No. 2-3
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This work includes the construction of two separate parking areas that will serve the existing softball and baseball fields. This project will include a Base Bid scope of work that includes clearing and grubbing, general site grading, fill and compaction, 6” compacted limestone parking areas and drive lanes, ADA asphalt parking, parking lot striping, concrete bands and curbs, concrete pedestrian walkways, and subsurface drainage. The Softball and Baseball Parking Project contains two Add Alternates. Add Alternate #1 includes an additional 2” of compacted limestone throughout all parking areas and drive lanes in both parking areas at the softball and baseball complexes. Add Alternate #2 includes a 2” thick asphalt overlay throughout all parking areas and drive lanes at the softball and baseball complexes.

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Onshorecompany on 25-Feb-2019 02:43:42 PM
Can you please show existing elevations for baseball parking on plan sheet L.04 so that they can be differentiated from elevations provided on plan sheet L.05?
All updates/changes are listed below::
27-Feb-2019 11:00:53 AM
Addendum #4 - RFI Responses, Clarification of Add Alternate #2, Add Alternate #3, Revised LA Uniform Public Work Bid Form
25-Feb-2019 02:36:03 PM
Addendum 3 - Change of Bid Date, RFI Responses
22-Feb-2019 11:13:41 AM
Addendum #2 - RFI responses and minor additions and revisions to grading & drainage plans L.03 & L.05.
14-Feb-2019 04:38:39 PM
Addendum #1 - ADA Parking & Concrete Sidewalks are to be performed by others.