Chiller and Cooling Tower Change out
Mississippi > Magnolia Regional Health Center
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Removal and disposal of existing chiller per EPA guidelines. b. Furnish and install new 500 ton Daikin Mag Bearing chiller or equal per attached specifications. c. Furnish and install new piping modifications to cooling tower water piping to connect both chillers to new cooling tower. d. Disconnect existing electrical service and install new electrical service to new chiller. e. Provide pricing to add for Years 2-5 Parts, Labor, & Refrigerant Warranty. f. Demolition of existing cooling tower and disposed of offsite at no cost to the owner. g. Furnish and install replacement Reymsa to match phase 1 capacity cooling tower and size. h. Modify existing piping to connect to new cooling tower. All new piping to be constructed from NUPI and/or Aquatherm material.

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