Network Upgrade Bid 679
Agency: Mississippi > Columbus Municipal School District
Reverse Auction: 57984990


The Columbus Municipal School District will receive Electronic Sealed Bids via Reverse Auction for the purchase of the following: Bid #679 – Network Upgrade
Bids will be received by an Electronic Sealed Bidding Process submitted at For any questions relating to the electronic bidding process, please contact Central Bidding at 225-810-4814.
A complete bid package which contains bid instructions and specification response sheets may be obtained at All bids must comply with the specifications provided. The Columbus Municipal School District reserves the right to amend the specifications, as necessary, and agrees to notify all having requested bid packets.
Specification responses must be submitted for this bid event to be considered for this bidding opportunity.  Specification Response Forms shall not contain pricing.  Pricing shall only be taken online through the Central Bidding portal. Please send the responses through Central Bidding.
No bid shall be accepted or considered after such scheduled time. The Board of Trustees of the Columbus Municipal School District reserves the right to waive informalities and to reject any/or all bids as might be in the best interest of the school.
JC Lawton
Director of Technology
Columbus Municipal School District
2630 McArthur Drive
Columbus, MS 39705
Performance Dates
Advertise 3/16/2022
Advertise 3/23/2022
Mandatory Site Visits 3/30&31/2022 at 9 AM
SOQ, SRF, & Documentation Due 4/8/2022 at 10 AM
Bid Day 4/12/2022 at 10 AM


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Owner/Creator Username: CMSDJL
Reverse Auction Type: Single Item
Bid Solicitation Start Time/Date: 16-Mar-2022 12:00:00 AM
Bid Solicitation End Time/Date: 08-Apr-2022 10:00:00 AM
Reverse Auction Start Time/Date: 12-Apr-2022 10:00:00 AM
Reverse Auction End Time/Date: 12-Apr-2022 11:20:00 AM ( Expired )
Status Realtime Event
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All updates/changes are listed below::
16-Mar-2022 01:28:25 PM
Added RFP, SRF, and supporting docs

Discuss questions with the owner/creator of this Listing.
CMSDJL on 16-Mar-2022 02:01:14 PM
Question: Mandatory Site Visit - Do we have to be present for both dates or just select one? Answer: I’m not sure that we can fit all of the schools into one day. I’d suggest coming to the first date. If you are satisfied with that walkthrough and the documentation/pictures we provide for the project, you won’t be required to come to the second day. The second date will start where we left off on March 30 and is available for those that can’t make it to Columbus on the 30th.
on 16-Mar-2022 04:21:36 PM
Question: For the mandatory site visit, would it be acceptable to have a my install partner attend or does it have to be company representative? Answer: It can be an install partner. As long as someone is there to represent the bidding organization, you'll be fine. The install partner will need to let me know on who they are representing on the day of the site visit.
CMSDJL on 22-Mar-2022 02:27:59 PM
Question: Mandatory Site Visit - How many schools is a potential bidder required to visit to meet the Mandatory Site Visit requirement? Answer: It is preferred that potential schools visit all schools. The Site Visits on March 30 and 31 will both begin at Brandon Central Services Center. There will be a brief meeting beginning at 9 am where documentation will be distributed and questions answered. From there, the IT staff will take the potential bidders to schools. At a minimum, the potential bidder must attend the meeting at Brandon Central Services Center and one school. If the potential bidder needs to leave after that, they may leave acknowledging they risk having a complete understanding of what's being asked at each school location.
CMSDJL on 01-Apr-2022 10:00:49 AM
QUESTION: Patch Cable Color Requirements - Will vendors be held to the color coding requirements found on the RFP? ANSWER: Regarding the color coded patch cables, CMSD is only requesting that the bidder provide yellow patch cables for the access points. The equipment list asks for 414 access points, so the bidder will be expected to provide at least 414 yellow patch cables. All other patch cables will not have a required color and can be a standard color of blue or grey. For closets that are receiving new racks, closet cleanup will be required. Cable management is part of closet cleanup. Other than access point connections, the bidder can use the existing patch cables as long as they can be used to provide quality cable management. Otherwise, the bidder will need to supply patch cables for the network closets.
CMSDJL on 01-Apr-2022 10:04:03 AM
QUESTION: Can the customer provide a diagram of their switch stacks and connections? Do they have stacks of more than 8 switches? ANSWER: We have pictures of all of the racks. The pictures were provided to the vendors during the mandatory site visit. We do not have any with more than 8.
CMSDJL on 01-Apr-2022 10:05:07 AM
QUESTION: How many SFP+ ports are being utilized per switch? ANSWER: It'll vary from one closet to the next. They will need to support 10G based LR which means they'll need some SFP+ ports on the switches. The number varies per closet. You can see more on page 5 of the RFP.
CMSDJL on 01-Apr-2022 10:06:22 AM
Question: Are they only upgrading their Cisco licensing from Essentials to Advantage or do they need hardware as well? ANSWER: We are simply upgrading the licensing. All hardware that will need to be bought is on the equipment list that was provided during the mandatory site visit.
CMSDJL on 05-Apr-2022 12:20:12 PM
Stokes-Beard Equipment List had a mistake on it. The list included a room called "CareerCenter." That was duplicated from CHS's equipment list. The mistake has been fixed on the shared Google Drive for vendors.
CMSDJL on 05-Apr-2022 12:37:37 PM
Outdoor APs - The quantity of outdoor APs were not originally listed on the RFP as they are just installs not purchases. A breakdown of how many are at each school has been added to the shared Google Drive.
on 06-Apr-2022 10:00:02 AM
SKU Part Numbers corrected for the virtual controller at Brandon. Shared Google Drive updated accordingly.
CMSDJL on 06-Apr-2022 10:02:11 AM
Cisco 9300 licensing upgrades are from Essentials to Advanced.