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The West Baton Rouge Parish Government is accepting sealed bids for the interior renovations of the Erwinvill Community Center. Sealed proposals will be received by West Baton Rouge Parish Council, in the meeting room, at 880 North Alexander Ave., Port Allen, Louisiana up to 10:00 a.m , CST time on Tuesday, August 4, 2009 for furnishing of all materials, labor, tools and equipment necessary to renovate the interior of the Erwinville Community Center. At that time, bids will be opened and read aloud. The contract documents may be obtained from the office of the architect, DEAN HOTARD &
ASSOCIATES, An Architectural Corporation, 570 N. Jefferson Avenue, Port Allen, La. for a deposit of $100.00 per set of bid documents. A full refund will be returned if the bid documents are received by the Architect in their original condition by Tuesday, August 11, 2009.

Additional Notes/Requirements
Each request must be accompanied by a satisfactory bid bond, certified check, or cash in the amount of five percent (5%) of the lump sum bid, payable to West Baton Rouge Parish Council. The low successful Bidder shall furnish owner a performance and labor bond in the amount of 100% of the bid plus a certificate of insurance. Contractors bidding on this project must be licensed by the State of Louisiana. No proposal may be withdrawn within forty-five (45) days after the above scheduled time of opening and the right is reserved to reject any or all bids and to waive any informalities.
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00100 (instruction to bidders).doc (20.0 KB)
00120 (supplement instruction to bidders).doc (25.0 KB)
00500 (agreement).doc (20.0 KB)
00610(performance bond).doc (19.0 KB)
00600(bidbond).doc (20.0 KB)
00700(general conditions).doc (19.0 KB)
00900(project sign details).doc (20.0 KB)
01000(construction documents).doc (21.0 KB)
01027(payments).doc (24.0 KB)
01028(contract changes).doc (23.0 KB)
01040(coordination).doc (23.0 KB)
01050(mounting dimensions).doc (23.0 KB)
01060(regulatory requirements).doc (24.5 KB)
01070(definitions and abbrevations).doc (23.0 KB)
01200(project meeting).doc (19.5 KB)
01400 (quality control).doc (21.0 KB)
01500(temporary work).doc (21.0 KB)
01600(material and equipment).doc (19.5 KB)
01700(project closeout).doc (23.5 KB)
05310(metal studs).doc (33.0 KB)
07210(building insulation).doc (23.5 KB)
09260(gypsum board systems).doc (27.5 KB)
09900(painting).doc (34.5 KB)
p199 00300.doc (27.5 KB)
p199 advertisement.doc (22.0 KB)
p199 cover.doc (22.0 KB)
p199 electrical.doc (23.5 KB)
p199 tob.doc (21.0 KB)
p199summary.doc (21.5 KB)
p19900800(supplementary conditions).doc (67.0 KB)
p19902050(demolition).doc (21.5 KB)
p19906200(rough and finish carpentry).doc (21.0 KB)
p19909511(suspended acoustical ceilings).doc (24.0 KB)
p199 a1_model.pdf (254.2 KB)
p199 a2_model.pdf (208.1 KB)
p199 a3_model.pdf (168.9 KB)
p199 a4_model.pdf (156.0 KB)
p199 a5_model.pdf (172.3 KB)
p199 a6_model.pdf (200.3 KB)
p199 a7_model.pdf (286.6 KB)
p199 a8_model.pdf (277.4 KB)
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