Inmate Meat, Perishable, and Dry Goods Bid
Louisiana > Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office
Solicitation: 58327155
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Bid Number 5688
Bid duration from March to July 2011

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eiserlohcompany on 22-Feb-2011 8:56:33 AM CST
Mary, what is the bid period?
opcsomarygoodwin on 22-Feb-2011 9:02:26 AM CST
I put the information above in the listing portion. The bid is from March (the last week or so) until the end of July. I figured about 19 weeks.
KFIBeverages on 23-Feb-2011 4:00:05 PM CST
Mary, in reviewing the duration of the new bid, the quantity of item B5 Drink Base looks low. Less than half the previous bid period. Almost a 60% reduction. Is this correct?
opcsomarygoodwin on 23-Feb-2011 4:19:54 PM CST
Yes it is. With changing the product to a 19:1, we have been able to use less, and I still have some juice open from this current cycle. Like all of my products, if the product is made inhouse and the supplier can maintain the price, I will use the amount that I have contracted for unless the supplier cannot maintain the price and wants out of the contract.
Saralee on 24-Feb-2011 11:03:32 AM CST
Mary, When is the pre-bid meeting for Bread?
opcsomarygoodwin on 24-Feb-2011 12:23:41 PM CST
It was posted in the newspaper. "A Mandatory Pre-bid Meeting for bread and milk vendors will be held on Tuesday, March 1, 2011 at 10:00 AM. Please meet at the OPSO warehouse 2801 Perdido Street, New Orleans, LA for a site walk through and meeting."
Saralee on 03-Mar-2011 10:00:37 AM CST
Mary, Are the current bid prices posted or can we pick up a copy?
opcsomarygoodwin on 03-Mar-2011 10:43:54 AM CST
If you go back into the orleans parish option for central auction, you can click on any of the previous bid advertisements. It is here that I post all bid submitted, my grid, and the final award. This is the first time on this OPSO bid. Previously, we have used the state contract price from LeCat.
opcsomarygoodwin on 03-Mar-2011 10:56:45 AM CST
Mary, Can you let me know what you are using Item #2 Chicken for? Are these dices or strips? Please clarify exactly what you want? Also – on item #15 - are you open to looking at ready to cook/raw filets? Item #2 is natural proportion pulled chicken fryer meat. It is neither diced nor strips. It is used in a casserole, and we have tried many brands. The tyson product #2037-928 is the product requested. Item #15 is a fully cooked 4 oz chicken breast.
KFIBeverages on 10-Mar-2011 1:28:11 PM CST
Mary, how does a bidder know if their vendor registration form is current? Is the registration a one time activity or does it have to be renewed at some interval?
KFIBeverages on 14-Mar-2011 10:27:27 AM CDT
Mary, if submitting a written bid, the checklist indicates the package be sealed with an OPSO label. Is it mandatory that their label be used and if so where do we obtain the OPSO label?
KFIBeverages on 14-Mar-2011 10:49:31 AM CDT
Mary, are samples required on all products?
opcsomarygoodwin on 14-Mar-2011 12:30:34 PM CDT
#1)If there has been changes to either address' or contact numbers, I would re-file a vendor registration form. You can email me at [email protected] and I can forward you the information that I have of your company, if you would like to double check the accuracy of the information. #2)The label indicated for the bid packet is part of the bid package (page 12). This is required so that any bid sent to the OPSO is easily identifiable and can be immediately sent to the Purchasing Department. It also helps to prevent anyone from inadvertantly opening the packet. Due to the "electronic" culture that we now use, most of the vendors just tape the label to the outside of the packet when submitting by hand. It is mandatory for all of our honesty and transparency. If filing your response electronically, it is not needed due to encryption. However if the bid is sent electronically, I require ALL of the papers to be scanned and re-submitted as it was originally placed on the web site as stated in the bidding information section. Missing paperwork and missing signatures will render a bid non-responsive. #3)Samples are required on products when submitting a product where I mention a particular brand and stock number. It is for the "or equivalent" submission when the bidding company feels that another brand or stock number would meet or exceed the minimum standards written on the OPSO specification.
ThompsonPackers on 25-Mar-2011 12:51:45 PM CDT
Hi Mary, finally got logged in....How do I find out who was awarded the bid?
opcsomarygoodwin on 25-Mar-2011 12:53:16 PM CDT
I will be posting as soon as I get an okay from my chief.
All updates/changes are listed below::
28-Mar-2011 3:45:47 PM CDT
more updates on the final bid results with corrections
28-Mar-2011 11:05:24 AM CDT
hopefully this is it! final bid results due to a pack size mistake...
25-Mar-2011 3:34:46 PM CDT
*2nd time is the charm!* The final bid award is here with grid-minus the mistake!
25-Mar-2011 2:52:42 PM CDT
I have completed the bid awards and the grid.
18-Mar-2011 4:33:06 PM CDT
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