Youngsville Water Treatment Plant
Louisiana > City of Youngsville
Sealed Bid: 58652038
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The work includes the construction of new water treatment facilities including 4-8’-6” diameter greensand plus vertical filters, air scour blower, chemical feed systems, filter and operations building, 2 high service pumps, 2 backwash pumps, and other equipment associated with the water plant, 500,000 gallons prestressed concrete ground storage tank, 100 sf chlorine building, natural gas generator, electrical instrumentation and controls, and other appurtenant and related items of construction. The work also includes relocation of an existing generator at Water Well #7 to nearby Water Well #9. 

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03-May-2024 8:08:17 AM CDT
Addendum #4 issued
30-Apr-2024 8:14:57 AM CDT
Addendum #3 issued; bid date postponed.
26-Apr-2024 9:27:03 AM CDT
CORRECTION: Addendum #2 was issued 4-26-24
26-Apr-2024 9:25:44 AM CDT
Addendum #1 issued 4-26-2024
23-Apr-2024 3:11:09 PM CDT
Addendum #1 issued 4-23-2024
22-Mar-2024 5:15:06 PM CDT
Advertisement, plans, specifications
21-Mar-2024 1:52:03 PM CDT