Lake Borgne Basin Levee District Pump Station No. 6 Erosion Repair Attachment: LBBLD 4081201 Pump Station 6 Erosion Repair - Plans.pdf 
Orleans Levee District
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The work to be done under this contract consists of repairing erosion at Pump Station 6 in St. Bernard Parish.  Erosion repair will include the placement of geotextile fabrics, bedding stone, and riprap to prevent any further erosion of the discharge area.  The Contractor shall furnish all labor, materials and service necessary for completion of the contract within the stipulated time.  All machinery and equipment owned or controlled by the contractor, which is proposed to be employed by him on the work, shall be of a satisfactory quantiity of work; all to be subject to the inspections and approval of the Chief Engineer of Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority - East or his designated representative.  The Contractor shall employ at all times a sufficient force of workmen of such experience and ability that the work can be prosecuted in a satisfactory and workmanlike manner.

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Bidders shall attend a mandatory Pre-Bid Conference at 9:00 am on December 12, 2017, in the conference room located in Franklin Avenue Administration Building at 6920 Franklin Avenue. There will be an optional site visit to follow.
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