Sewer System Improvements - Basin D, LCDBG FY 2021
Louisiana > City of New Iberia
Sealed Bid: 59592778
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The project generally includes replacement of pumps and associated pump station work at Pump Station D4 at 134 Santa Ines Street, New Iberia, replacement of existing 6” force main with and 8” force main, a Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Survey (SSES), and rehabilitation or replacement of deteriorated sanitary sewers and manholes to decrease infiltration and inflow, and a gravity sewer extension.  The work consists of smoke testing, sewer cleaning, television inspection of sewers, dye-water flooding, sanitary sewer trenchless lining, replacement, point repairs on mains and services to both on public and private property, manhole adjustments, pavement restoration and reconstruction, and related work. 

All updates/changes are listed below::
26-Jan-2022 01:01:52 PM
Addendum #2 issued.
26-Jan-2022 09:34:17 AM
Bid opening rescheduled to February 1 per Addendum #1.
20-Jan-2022 02:27:12 PM
Addendum #1 issued - postpones bid date; revises manhole and cleanout covers; revises Sheet 4 of Plans
28-Dec-2021 04:17:30 PM