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Lafourche Parish Water District
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Furnishing of the follwoing chemicals for water treatment: Liquid Aluminum Sulfate, Powdered Activated Carbon, Liquid Chlorine, Cationic Polyelectrolyte, Fluorosilicic Acid and Anhydrous Ammonia.

Additional Notes/Requirements
Bids must be submitted on Documents provided. This proposal is for furnishing chemicals as required for a period of 12 months. All quantities specified within these documents are estimates and the District reserves the right to increase or decrease the quantities to fulfill its needs. Specifications and Bid Form can be obtained by visting us at 5753 Hwy 308 Lockport, LA 70374 or by calling (985) 532-6924.
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envimpla on 16-Feb-2012 01:10:07 PM
I have the results of the electronic bid for the Activated Carbon GAC-$0.85/lbs. Please advise if the was the low bid for this iten. If not,please forward the information on the low bid.Frank Sunseri Environmental Improvements, Inc. of LA PO Box 6944 Metairie, LA 70009 Phone (504) 733-1113 Fax (504) 733-1117 Cell (504) 884-3717
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