Turning Dolphin Fender Modification at Chalmette Slip Attachment: fender mod drawings and specifications.zip 
St. Bernard Port, Harbor and Terminal District
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Perform Fender Modifications to the in-place turning dolphin and monopole fender structures located in the Mississippi River at the Chalmette Slip. Turning Dolphin Fender Modifications shall consist of the removal of in-place laminated wrap fenders from the concrete cap section of the turning dolphin (the laminated pile wrap fenders are to remain in place). Fabrication and installation of proposed extruded fender system which consists of 18 extruded rubber cylindrical fenders suspended by chain webbing anchored to the concrete cap section of the turning dolphin. Monopole Fender Modifications shall consist of the fabrication and installation of proposed extension flanges and tension and weight chain adjustments required to realign the fender panels with the proposed turning dolphin fender

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janders on 17-Mar-2014 10:50:57 AM
Will an addendum no. 2 be coming out?
DrewH on 18-Mar-2014 08:11:31 AM
No additional addendum will be coming out. The bid opening is today.
DrewH on 18-Mar-2014 09:45:40 AM
There was an addendum 2 that came out on monday.
mroy on 18-Mar-2014 12:33:48 PM
Has the bid date changed?
DrewH on 18-Mar-2014 02:22:23 PM
The bid was canceled do to a discrepancy in the addendum.
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