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The proposed project includes bid documents for the design and construction of the repairs to the West Small Craft Harbor. The work involves furnishing of materials, equipment, labor, and incidentals necessary to perform services including but not limited to: selective demolition and reconstruction of the Skiff Pier, Pier P-1, the Maintenance Pier, and the Crab Unloading Pier inclusive of water services and electrical where indicated; replace handrails and toe boards on the Skiff Pier Access Ramps; replace damaged or missing handrails along the top of the breakwaters and along the sidewalk in the southwest parking lot. Several Alternate Bid items have been included to allow for the comparison of bid prices using wood timber materials verses a “flow-through” grating material for the replacement of the decking. These alternate bid prices are inclusive of the necessary supporting structures (i.e., stringers) and fastening hardware to accompany the installation of the different material types.

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