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This is a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) to provide Engineering Services for the George County Board of Supervisors-Agricola Community Center Project (HB 1353, 2022 Regular Session). This state appropriation will be utilized for the purpose of designing and constructing a community center facility with a large meeting space, conference room, kitchen and food prep area, office/storage space and a planned park lot with safe road access.
Interested individuals or firms may submit a RFQ to the George County Chancery Clerks Office, 355 Cox Street, Lucedale, MS 39452; no later than 10 a.m. CST  on May 26th, 2022.  Those desiring consideration should submit one original RFQ letter and four copies. The authorized signee can be a hand-written blue ink signature. The proposals will be reviewed at the next regularly scheduled Board of Supervisors meeting.
Applicants also have the option of submitting their proposals electronically through When submitting an electronic bid, the bid must be submitted in “PDF” format and shall contain the same information and forms as required for the written/paper RFQ. When submitting a bid electronically, the authorized signature may be a hand-written blue ink signature or be an electronic signature.
The contract will be awarded to the candidate whose RFQ packet is written within a competitive range and determined to be the most advantageous to the County.  Major factors for consideration will be engineering experience with designing and construction of well-used public facilities, public safety requirements, the capacity to complete the project in a timely manner, along with a full understanding of requirements from the Mississippi Department of Finance and Administration (DFA). Factors to be considered in evaluating RFQ and their relative importance are set forth below.
The engineer shall perform all necessary services to properly carry out the activities of the project in accordance with all state appropriation requirements through the DFA.  The project includes the following activities:
A.  Prepare final plans and specifications for the project;
B.  Prepare and distribute construction bid packets (ensuring that all DFA and Federal requirements are met in contract preparation);
C.  Assist in bid opening and prepare bid tabulation to meet DFA requirements;
D. Conduct pre-construction conference with contractor(s) and County and DFA representatives, documenting files with minutes of meeting;
E. Conduct work-in-progress inspections giving quarterly reports to the Board and DFA approving any and all partial payment requests. 
            Those individuals or firms desiring consideration should submit RFQ by the time and date stated above and must include the following:
1.  Qualifications - List of qualifications of each staff person to be assigned to the project.
2. Experience - Information regarding the experience of the firm.  Information shall include types of project activities undertaken.
3. Capacity for Performance - Identify the numbers and titles of staff available to be assigned to provide services.  Also include an estimated time required to accomplish each phase of the project.
The RFQ will be reviewed by a Selection Committee appointed by the Board of Supervisors using the above criteria.  This committee will make a recommendation to the full Board. All proposals will be rated on the following system to determine the best respondent: Qualifications-25, Experience-25, Capacity-50, Total: 100 Points. 
Negotiations will be conducted to determine a mutually satisfactory contract first with the offeror receiving the highest number of points.  Contractual awards will be made to the qualified offeror whose proposal is most advantageous to George County.
The George County Board of Supervisors reserves the right to reject any and all proposals. George County is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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