East Theriot, Sam Foret, Halpin, 40/80 Arpent, and Laurel Valley Canals Maintenance Dredging Attachment: NLLD MAINTENANCE DREDGING PROJECT #6600.53Z.pdf 
North Lafourche Levee District
Sealed Bid: 64456369
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The Base Bid will be to dredge approximately 66,000 L.F. of drainage canals by use of hydraulic/spray dredge methods, remove and dispose of bridges indicated on the construction drawings, and remove obstructions and debris in drainage canals.  Dredge material shall be broadcast within 300’ from bank lines and not exceed thickness specified in the construction drawings.  Contract requirements for completion of construction for base bid will be 250 calendar days.  Alternate No. 1 will add 13,760 L.F. of spray dredging along with an additional 50 calendar days.  Alternate No. 2 will add 20,787 L.F. of spray dredging with an additional 60 calendar days and other miscellaneous work necessary to construct this project as described in the plans and specifications.

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