COQUILLE MULTI-PURPOSE QUAD COMMON AREA, PARKING & RAIN GARDEN, Attachment: 06.24.20 Bid Set Specifications_Coquille MP Quad Common Area, Parking & Rain Garden.pdf 
Louisiana > St. Tammany Parish Recreation District #14
Sealed Bid: 64851998
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The work includes the construction additional infrastructure work within the park including water, sewer and electrical. In addition, the project includes the construction and complete buildout of the common area between an existing multi-purpose ball field quad. Major items included in common area include concrete paving, shade structures, restroom building, concessions building and a storage building along with other ancillary elements. Also included in the project is the construction of a new 169 space parking area that includes limestone drive lanes and parking spaces and also fiber reinforced turf parking spaces. Lastly, the project includes embellishment to an existing rain garden between the proposed parking area and existing multi-purpose quad ball fields.

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