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JONES COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL/QUOTES for Behavior Management/Tracking System Overview Jones County School District (JCSD) is located in Jones County MS. 11 Campuses – 6 elementary, 3 middle/high schools, 1 career and technical center, and 1 alternative school with 1 Central Office for the district. The District has approximately 8700 students. The overall accountability rating for the school district is a “B”.

Purpose of RFP: The district is requesting proposals/quotes for a software based Behavior Management/Tracking System that will allow faculty to develop behavior intervention plans through an integrated functional behavior analysis feature. The product should also include training modules/resources for faculty to aid in their development/implementation of behavior intervention plans.

Tentative Schedule of RFP events are as follows: a. RFP Released 10/08/21 b. Proposal Due Date: 10/22/21 c. Vendor Selection 10/26/21

These services shall be provided to the Jones County School District during the 2021-2022 school year. Upon satisfactory evaluation of the provided services, additional services may be extended to the 2022-2023 school term. A paper copy or an email copy of this document, including any addendums, can be obtained by request below: Marla Sumrall, Director of Special Education Jones County School District 5204 Hwy 11 North Ellisville, MS 39437 E-Mail: RFP Submission requirements: Email a copy of the RFP response or post bid on by 10/22/21 2:00 p.m. (email address above) All questions, comments,, and requests for clarifications must be in writing to Dr. Marla Sumrall.

The school district reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to determine appropriate and adequate responses to the written comments, questions, and requests for clarification. Mr. Thomas D. Parker Superintendent of Education 5204 Highway 11 North Ellisville, Mississippi 39437 Phone: (601) 649-5201 Fax: (601) 649-1613

Minimum Eligibility Requirements for Contract Award Applicants must comply with all applicable licensing and certification requirements specific to the proposed services. Vendor must be registered through and in good standing. Vendor/company must comply with agreement services and any JCSD addendum.

Proposal Requirements and Project Scope for: North Jones Elementary, East Jones Elementary, South Jones Elementary, West Elementary, Glade Elementary, Moselle Elementary, Northeast Jones Middle/High School, South Jones Middle/High School, West Jones Middle/High School, Jones County Learning Center, Jones County Vo-Tech Service

? Program that includes a functional behavior assessment (FBA)
? Program that allows educators to determine the function of a student’s behaviors to implement FBA strategies
? Program that recommends particular behavior strategies as determined from FBA
? Program that identifies causes of behavior and provides students with alternative behaviors
? Program that tracks effectiveness of strategies, frequency of behaviors, and has reporting/graphing capabilities for progress monitoring
? Program should include educator access to resources addressing particular student behaviors
? Program includes training opportunities for educators that identifies causes of and strategies to manage student behavior
? Program must have the capability to link and sync with ClassLink and OneRoster

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