St. Martin Parish Jail Cameras Attachment: 15025 E4 roof-96 2.pdf 
St. Martin Parish Government
Sealed Bid: 65642263
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Sealed bids provided on the “Louisiana Uniform Public Work Bid Form Documents” will be received by the St. Martin Parish Government Council at its Parish Government Office in the Conference Room Located at 301 West Port Street in St. Martinville, Louisiana 70582, or online at until 10:00 A.M. 17th day, February, 2017. Bids will, shortly thereafter, be opened and read aloud.  Bids received after the above specified time for opening shall not be considered and shall be returned unopened to the sender.  
For:  St. Martin Parish Government:   
St. Martin Parish Jail Cameras
400 St. Martin Street
St. Martinville, LA 70582

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