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OPSBBJ on 03-Jun-2021 02:13:48 PM
This was sent in an email earlier today: I do wish to point out for those vendors who have previously submitted their physical hard copy proposal. On page 6 there is this statement - "Vendors are required to acknowledge receipt of all amendments in the cover letter of their proposal." It is the opinion of the Ouachita Parish School Board this statement refers to any addendum/addenda which have been sent. To clarify the earlier email to those vendors who have submitted their physical hard copy proposals which stated to just return Addendum 2, vendor would also need to send a new cover letter indicating their acknowledgement of Addendum 1 and Addendum 2. The new cover letter and addendum 2 will be added to the proposal we currently have in our possession if that is the desire of the vendor. While we are offering this suggestion to help those who have submitted a physical hard copy proposal, this does not mean that the vendor cannot submit a totally new proposal. If vendor wishes to submit a new proposal vendor must indicate in writing their intent to submit a new proposal and for the Ouachita Parish School Board to not open the proposal that is currently in our possession. Disclaimer: It is the responsibility of the vendor to insure that all required documents are returned in the format required by the proposal documents. Any omissions by way of direction of the Ouachita Parish School Board in any correspondence does not reduce nor take away from the vendor's responsibility to submit their proposal as stipulated in the proposal documents. The Ouachita Parish School Board shall not be liable for any omissions by the vendor due to any suggestions by the Ouachita Parish School Board. Again, if you have any questions please feel free to send those questions in writing.
All updates/changes are listed below::
03-Jun-2021 12:54:24 PM
There are now two addenda with this bid with this one changing the bid opening date. Both addenda along with the other required documents must be returned fully executed and returned with the bid. As a matter of information, if you have submitted your RFP and do not wish to make any changes to what you have submitted you will merely need to sign and make sure to have Addendum 2 returned to our office prior to the new bid opening date, time remains 2:00 PM..
27-May-2021 12:18:24 PM
See Addendum One added to this bid. The entire uploaded RFP specifications shall be changed to reflect the modified version of the RFP. THE ADDENDUM SHALL BE RETURNED ALONG WITH ALL OTHER REQUIRED DOCUMENTS.