St. Charles Parish Courthouse AHU-2 and AHU-4 HVAC System Replacement (SCP Project No. GB-AC-0419) Attachment: 1902401_100%CD DRAWINGS_BID PHASE.pdf 
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Base Bid: Demolition of existing air handling units AHU-2 and AHU-4 and heating hot water pump, including demolition of associated piping, wiring, conduit, accessories and controls.  Installation of new, VAV air handling units and heating hot water pumps including piping, wiring, conduit, accessories and controls as necessary for a fully functional system. 

Add Alternate No.1: Furnish and install new BAS controls interface to existing Energy Recovery Unit including, electrical power, controls hardware and software, programming, devices and accessories as required by drawings and specifications and as required for a complete and fully functional system. 

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