Public Safety Computer Room Renovations Attachment: 01-Combined Specifications.pdf 
City of Alexandria
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A. Expand footprint of room to allow installation of Computer Room A/C unit. Disconnect room from
existing HVAC system. Add “mini-split” type A/C units for back up.
B. Install new computer room fire suppression system. Remove existing pre-action type wet-pipe
sprinkler system. Seal room to prevent escape of suppression agent. Install vent fan and dampers to
allow removal of suppression agent.
C. Install new rack mounted UPS system with integral batteries and output distribution panel to power
rack mounted equipment in computer room.
D. Install new natural gas fueled emergency generator to provide backup power to computer room lights,
UPS system, fire suppression system, and “mini-split” back up cooling units.
E. Provide for automatic shutdown of all HVAC and electrical equipment in the computer room and
activation of the building fire alarm system, if the fire suppression system is activated.
F. Remove existing carpet-covered raised floor system and replace with a tile covered raised floor
system. Revise existing lay-in tile ceiling system as required to accommodate new fire suppression

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