RFP #21-SW-70 Service Contract Mowing/Maintenance for Cemeteries and Various Locations
Louisiana > Terrebonne Parish Consolidated Government
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Sealed proposals will be opened at the Terrebonne Parish Consolidated Government Purchasing Division Conference Room, 301 Plant Road, Houma, Louisiana, 70363 at 2:00 pm as shown on the Purchasing Division Conference Room Clock on January 28, 2022, for the following:  Proposal No. #21-SW-70 Service Contract Mowing and Maintenance for Cemeteries and Various Locations.

Each proposal shall be either hand delivered by the Proposer or his agent in which instance the deliverer shall be handed a written receipt, or such proposal shall be sent by United States Postal Service registered or certified mail with a return receipt requested.

A non-mandatory pre-proposal conference will be held via phone conference on January 19, 2022, at 10:00 am CT.  All interested vendors should contact Kristie Ellender, Solid Waste at (985) 873 6739, or email kellender@tpcg.org before the above date, to obtain the phone number and user pin to access the phone conference.  

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