East Bank "C" Plant Filter Upgrade (WWKS-96)
Louisiana > St. Charles Parish Government
Sealed Bid: 6898488
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The Contract Work is generally comprised but necessarily limited to, the removal, disposal, and replacement of the “C” Plant washtroughs and associated hardware, filter media, siphons, vacuum pumps, piping from the vacuum tank to the inlet and backwash siphons, 6” water supply piping, surface sweep rotating bearings, and effluent weir and guide channels.  It also includes the removal, disposal, and replacement of the operating and access platforms (to include handrails and kickplates), as well as well as the filter floor system, which will be replaced with the Monoflor 1200 HD System.  Other work includes pressure washing and roll painting the inside of the “C” Plant Filter building, removal/replacement of various electrical conduits, removal and disposal of metal frames/doors and exhaust fans and respective replacement with fiberglass frames and doors and new exhaust fans, masonry repair, miscellaneous concrete repair within filter, and miscellaneous metals.  For exact details, refer to Plans and Specifications for full scope.

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