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The construction as shown and described in the Contract Documents consists of the following: (This is a partial list. Refer to the rest of this specification and drawings for additional notes and information.)
1.         This project entails the reroofing of Building #6 at Bayou Blue Elementary School. The existing roof consist of a metal roof panel that is anchored to metal purlins spaced 5’ on center. The existing standing seam metal roof is rusting and leaking.
2.         Approximately 4’ of overhang at both eaves shall be cut back to the existing brick face of the existing building.
3.         A new roof hugger metal purlin system shall be installed to fit the profile of the existing roof. The roof hugger shall be attached through the existing metal roof to existing purlins.
4.         A 3-1/2” R-21 unfaced polyisocyanurate insulation shall be installed between the roof hugger system.
5.         A new double lock standing seam metal roof panel, trim, and gutter/downspout system shall be installed.
6.         The existing metal boots shall remain.
7.         The existing condensate drain pipe shall be installed to drain into the new downspouts similar to the existing design.

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