Dry Goods Bid #295110
Louisiana > Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office
Sealed Bid: 69571538
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Commodity:  Dry Goods, Office Supplies, and Janitorial Products
Duration of Contract: May 10, 2021 until October 31, 2021 with one option to renew

Additional Notes/Requirements
The following questions have been posed by Mr. Kenny Martin: 1. Delivery Location / do they have a loading dock or fork lift on this property answer: There is several loading docks and warehouse forklifts to move the water off of the rear of the truck. Employees of the OPSO are not allowed into the back of the delivery vehicle. 2. Is all the water being delivered to the one location listed in the bidding instructions? If not, provide all zip codes for other delivery locations answer: The water is being delivered to the 3000 Perdido St. NOLA 70119 address only. 3. When is this water needed to be delivered? answer: As the bid notes, the number approximated on the bid request is an approximate amount of water that will be requested by the OPSO anytime between the dates supplied above (5/10/21-10/31/21). 4. What label/brand is requested, or generic brand? answer: As the bid notes in the specifications section, the brand requested is Kentwood brand or equal. If there is another brand that you (as a bidder) feels is an equivalent brand. (Please note that the OPSO is aware and is the sole judge of equal and acceptable equivalency. Page 4/Section 17) The description literature and/or specifications for the item must be submitted. If needed, samples must be furnished to the OPSO three days or 72 hours prior to the bid opening.(Page 5/Section 22) 5. Is this a one-time order or will this be ordered again this year, next year? Please advise. answer: This bid request is for the dates of May 10, 2021 until October 31, 2021. There is one option for renewal. (See Listing information above) 6. Are able to bid on one single line item answer: Yes, any company has the option to bid on one item. If only bidding on one item, please note on all of the lines that you will not be bidding on "NO BID". 7. The bid says 16oz. Can it be 16.9? answer: Please note if there is ANY differentiation from the requested brand. See the answer for question #4. 8. Per bidding instructions the cost should be shown per case(2400 cases) including shipping. Correct? answer: The bid specifications form stated for Item I1: (Water, Spring,16 oz) requests 24-16 ounce bottles, with the price stated as PER CASE, and the total amount that MAY be ordered from 5/10/21 to 10/31/21 as 2400 cases. Page 2/Section 5 states prices quoted should be destination/final cost. Page 4/Sections 17&18 state instructions on what to do if there is any variation to the specifications of the bid. My suggestion is to put as much information as you feel is necessary to fulfill the requested information.
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13-May-2021 9:45:55 AM CDT
caught mistakes w/ TP, sugar sub, and stenos; updated grid and award notices
12-May-2021 11:18:04 AM CDT
final bid grid, final bid award notice, and affidavit scanned and posted
11-May-2021 2:28:12 PM CDT
all bids and bid grid scanned, uploaded. all items minus 2 have been awarded. remaining form will be scanned tomorrow.
29-Apr-2021 11:25:16 AM CDT
questions from Mr. Martin were added and answered to the "Questions/Answers" section.
27-Apr-2021 9:22:12 AM CDT
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