Feasibility and Conceptual Plan for Passenger Rail & Multi-Modal Transit Center Attachment: RFQ -SRC Study Passenger RAil.pdf 
St. John the Baptist Parish Government
RFQ: 70929052
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 St. John the Baptist (“The Parish”) hereby issues a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for one Firm/Team
that possesses Professional Planning and Engineering qualifications for the purpose of preparing a Feasibility Study and
Conceptual Plan for a Passenger Rail and Multi-Modal Transit Center in LaPlace, St. John the Baptist Parish, LA. The
Transportation Center and Growth Strategy (TCGS) focuses on reshaping the LaPlace area to become more
accommodating to development through a smarter regional transportation system and land use plan. This twopronged
project will ensure that St. John has the capacity to accommodate its current residents in a safe and resilient
manner and absorb residents from coastal parishes if necessary. The specific TCGS project activities are: 1. Plan for a
multimodal transportation center that provides flexible space that can be used for rentals, public meetings and other
civic uses, as well as a disaster shelter and staging area during emergency events, and; 2. Develop a long-range “smart
growth” plan for the site that guides development and public transit on the Parish’s highest ground, which is least
susceptible to storm surge and sea level rise. Requested information of all individuals and sub-consultants who
propose to work on any portion of the project on a continual basis shall be completed on Standard Form SJB-1000.

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