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Notice is hereby given that sealed or electronic bids will be received by the West Jackson County Utility District at their office, located at 7200 McCann Road, Biloxi, Mississippi, during business hours, prior to 2:00 p.m. on the 1st day of October, 2020 and then at said office, be publicly opened and read aloud for the construction of:
Contractors have the option of submitting their bids sealed in an envelope or electronically. Sealed Bids may be delivered or sent by carrier to the West Jackson County Utility District, 7200 McCann Road, Biloxi, MS 39532. Bids submitted by mail shall be sent to West Jackson County Utility District, P.O. Box 1230, Ocean Springs, MS  39566-1230. For electronic bid, documents can be downloaded from Central Bidding.  Electronic bids shall be submitted at www.centralbidding.com.  For any questions relating to the electronic bidding process, please call Central Bidding at 225-810-4814.
All bid envelopes shall contain the bidder’s name, mailing address and certificate of responsibility number on the outside of the envelope along with the specific name of the project; failing which, said bid shall not be opened or considered.
PLANS AND BID DOCUMENTS may be examined at the following locations:
Owner:    West Jackson County Utility District, 7200 McCann Road, Biloxi, MS 39532
Engineer: Batson and Brown, Inc.; 4347 Old Spanish Trail; Gautier, MS 39553
                 Batson and Brown, Inc.; 11267 Old 63 South; Lucedale, MS 39452
Copies of the Contract Documents and Proposals may be obtained at the offices of Batson & Brown, Inc., as referenced above, upon payment of $100.00 (non-refundable) for each set, or from the referenced website.
Proposals must be accompanied by a Proposal Guaranty consisting of a Bid Bond, Cashier’s Check, or Certified Check, made payable to the owner in the amount of 5% of the total bid. The attention of bidders is directed to the State and Federal Requirements within this Contract. Contract time shall be 30 calendar days.
Bids may be held up to 90 days from the date of the bid opening for review of the bids and qualifications of the bidders prior to Contract award. The West Jackson County Utility District reserves the right to waive any informalities or to reject any or all bids.
                                                                                          West Jackson County Utility District                                John T. Hannah, PE, General Manager
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