Evangeline Parish School District Request for Proposals Internet Access, Internal Connections, Basic Maintenance (Support Warranties) for New Equipment Attachment: RFP Rough Draft FINAL.pdf 
Evangeline Parish School Board
RFP: 71026405
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Evangeline Parish School District is seeking services for Internet Access, Internal Connections, Basic Maintenance (Support Warranties) for new equipment for all eligible E-Rate entities and Non-Instructional Facilities (NIFs) as noted on the 2018- 2019 E-Rate Eligible Services List.  Evangeline Parish is seeking proposals from E-Rate Eligible Vendors for the following:

Internet Access Services

Evangeline Parish School District is seeking bids for an Internet Access Solution for its 12 schools and 2 Non-Instructional Facilities (NIFs). The Internet Access shall enter the Data Center located at 1123 Te Mamou Rd. Ville Platte, LA. The district is requesting bids for 1 up to 10 GIG connections and various optional speeds may be included in the Vendor’s proposal. Any on premise equipment must include: Installation, testing, inside delivery, installation integration and site cleanup. Unless otherwise specified, vendors shall provide everything required to make the devices 100% operational.
This includes but is not limited to software, product, installation, patch cables, connectors, mounting hardware and configurations and installation. It is the Vendor’s responsibility to provide to the       District an asset ledger to include make, model, serial number, location and date of installation of each piece of equipment.
 Additionally, the EPSD will require a map of each site showing the location of all cabling drops and newly installed equipment.
EPSD is requesting Category 2 products to enhance the existing wireless network. Under the       Modernization Order, some 3-year support bundled warranties are E-Rate eligible.  However, some E-Rate reviewers are shifting the warranties from the internal connections Category 2 classification to “basic maintenance.” To avoid a possible denial for not advertising under both Categories, EPSD is including both Categories. 
EPSD has been upgrading its wireless infrastructure for the past three years and is seeking unit pricing with installation for the following products:
Aruba IAP-315 Access points or equivalent (with E-Rate eligible support and licenses)
Brocade 24 and 48 port switches ICX6450 or equivalent (POE)
SFP 10-G Module (no preference)
Cabling for new wiring for additional access points (unit pricing for Cat. 6 drops less than 300 feet and fiber connections)
UPS for power back up of eligible equipment (Tripp Lite UPS Smart 1500 CD or equivalent)
Racks as needed (no preference)
E-Rate eligible Licenses, Support Warranties for all equipment, if available
Firewall with ineligible content filter (cost-allocation required)
All potential bidders must meet the following criteria:
Hold a current liability insurance policy and workers compensation insurance
Must be registered as a service provider with the Schools and Libraries Division (SLD), have a Service Provider Identification Number (SPIN), have a current Service Provider Annual Certification Form (SPAC) on file with the SLD, and comply with all SLD service provider requirements.
Provide a minimum of three, K-12 client references for similar basic maintenance projects
Must have certified network engineers or technicians on staff, who can diagnose problems quickly and recommend solutions.
Registered and in good standing with the Louisiana Secretary of State’s Office 

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