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Funds for requested services are allocated through federal 1003a school improvement funds. The intent of this proposal is to provide intervention services to students during the 2021 – 2022 school term.  Student intervention activities must be specifically designed to increase the academic success of the identified sub-group(s) of students as measured by the Mississippi Assessment Program in need of improvement. Specific, attainable growth goals will be determined and agreed upon between the service provider and the Walthall County School District administrative team. These services shall be provided to the Tylertown Elementary School during the 2021-2022 school term.
The services should include 4 – 6th Grade ELA and Math student intervention services. These services should include intense, evidence-based onsite or virtual interventions for students. Student intervention services will include data analysis and evidence-based interventions based on Mississippi College and Career Readiness Standards as well as the Mississippi Alternate Academic Achievement Standards.

Intense, Evidence-Based Intervention Services: The project must focus on intervention services in 4 – 6th Grade ELA and Math content areas based on Mississippi College and Career Readiness Standards and the Mississippi Alternate Academic Achievement Standards, as well as reading instruction in the content areas for students in grades 4 – 6. Alignment to the 4 – 6th Grade ELA and Math Mississippi College and Career Readiness Standards and Mississippi Alternate Academic Achievement Standards must be well defined. All interventions must be evidence-based and should be documented in reports delivered to the district. These services will be provided to students belonging to the sub-group identified by the Mississippi Department of Education Office of School Improvement.  The identified sub-group for Tylertown Elementary School is ‘Students w/Disabilities’.

Additional Notes/Requirements
Each vendor should submit their DUNS number and proof they are not disbarred from receiving federal funds. The district cannot contract with a company that has been disbarred.
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