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The Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office requests Quotes from qualified individuals and firms with expertise of providing Fortinet brand equipment including: switches, access points, firewalls, cabling, monitoring software, support and maintenance, along with professional services for Enterprise Wired and Wireless Network Refresh.
Successful responder shall commence work within thirty (30) calendar days after receipt of written Notice to Proceed.

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jbwnumsp174 on 29-Jan-2024 10:22:38 AM CST
Can you tell me how many sites this hardware will cover? As in, how many sites will our engineers be working at to deploy all of this hardware?
jbwnumsp174 on 29-Jan-2024 10:45:14 AM CST
Also, are any of the licenses on the excel sheet renewals for existing services or are all of these new services you are wanting to implement?
jbwnumsp174 on 29-Jan-2024 2:03:02 PM CST
A new question, on the software specifications tab in the excel sheet, the second part number "FMG-VM-10-UGm" is invalid, according to my vendor, however, I do see that "FMG-VM-10-UG" is a valid part number, was the extra "m" written on the sheet a typo?
All updates/changes are listed below::
22-Feb-2024 4:34:52 PM CST
bidder list for ITB posted
30-Jan-2024 11:08:01 AM CST
questions have been answered and uploaded as a word document.
29-Jan-2024 6:45:28 PM CST
Fortinet bid packet and spreadsheet have been updated to reflect the correct scope and deadline. Please read the updated information to eliminate confusion. Opening date is Thursday, 2/15/24 at 2:00:00 p.m. CST.
26-Jan-2024 6:03:10 PM CST
addendum #1 added extending deadline until 2:00:00 pm CST Thursday, February 15, 2024; more updates will be posted on Monday, January 29, 2024