MacArthur Drive Roadway Lighting Replacement Phase 3 Attachment: 02-Specifications.pdf 
City of Alexandria
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Provide new LED roadway lighting system including poles, luminaires, pole bases, foundations, circuiting, and electrical service points, along MacArthur Drive as indicated on the Drawings. Poles, pole-mounted luminaires, and pole bases are to be furnished by City of Alexandria, and installed as part of the project scope of work.

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DECO on 18-Feb-2019 07:21:30 AM
Please clarify if Luminaire Types B & Type C are to be furnished by the Owner or the Contractor. The Pay Items say they are to be "Installed", but on Sheet 11 Under the Pole & Luminaire Schedule Notes it states they are to be contractor furnished and installed.
EEConsultants on 18-Feb-2019 10:58:55 AM
The following is NOT a modification to the Contract Documents, and is provided only for purpose of clarification: Luminaire Types B & Type C are to be furnished and installed by the Contractor, as stated in the Pole & Luminaire Schedule. The Contractor will be paid based upon actual "installed" quantities.
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