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The City of Jackson intends to employ a consulting engineering firm to provide engineering services utilizing a Cost plus Fixed Fee, Labor Hour/Unit Price or Lump Sum/Firm Fixed Price contract for the Jackson Dry Dam Repair & Rehabilitation Project, Hinds County, Mississippi.  These services shall include construction engineering administration, design engineering, hydraulic analysis, surveying, soil testing, regulatory permitting and other related work specifically directed toward dam levee design and maintenance.  The firm shall provide these services in accordance with MDEQ’s guidelines for dam safety and regulation. The Jackson Dry is located behind Northwest Middle School, 7020 US 49, Jackson, MS 39213.
The exitsting Dam breached after the May 9, 2019 storm event. The City along with MDEQ officials visited the site, and based on the assessement if was deemed necessary to hire a consultant to prepare a plan for repairing and rehabilitating the Dam. If the Dam cannot be repaired or rehabilitated to meet current MDEQ Dam regulations. The consultant will be tasked with designing a new Dam meeting Dam Safety and Regulaory requirements.
Upon selection, negotiation, and execution of contract, the City anticipates the duration of the contract to be approximately 6-9 months.  The City anticipates executing the contract by fall 2019.
To be considered, the “Expression of Interest” proposal must respond to all requirements of this Legal Advertisement.  The recommended proposal length should not exceed twenty-five (25) pages, exclusive of appendices. The resumes (which should not exceed 2 pages per individual in length), SF-330 Part II, proof of State Licensure and certificates requirements, and other information not relevant to the requirements should be included in the appendices.  The Consultant’s cover letter, table of contents, summaries and introductions, team organizational chart, past performances, and any other responses to the evaluation criteria should be included in the 25 pages.  Pages should be numbered, single-spaced, one-sided, 8.5” by 11” with margins of at least one inch on all four sides.  No more than five pages may be 11” by 17”, but they may count as two sheets each against the recommended 25 page maximum.  Information within the recommended 25 page limit of the proposal should be complete and sufficient in scope for the selection committee to evaluate the Consultant.  Also, all text information in the recommended 25 page limit should be shown in a readable font, size 12 points or larger. Headers, charts, and other graphics may be provided in a different font type and size providing they are legible. Section dividers, tabs, or similar means are recommended but are not counted as part of the recommended 25 page limit. These recommendations will be considered when evaluating the quality of proposal.
With the exception of the information to be supplied in the appendices, the “Expression of Interest” proposal should be divided into the following sections as listed below.
Consulting engineering firms (CONSULTANT) interested in providing these services may so indicate by furnishing the City {four (4) copies and one (1) CD or Flash Drive} of an Expression of Interest which should consist of the following unless specifically stated otherwise: 
The Prime CONSULTANT should provide a cover letter specifying the name and complete description of the Contract, the name of the Prime CONSULTANT and any of its Subconsultant(s), the name of an individual who will be the single point of contact throughout the selection process, the name of the project manager, the location and address of the managing office, and the location and address of the office(s) that may be assigned the work. Should any Subconsultant(s) be listed as team members, identify the roles of each of the team’s members. In addition, the CONSULTANT must note if this is a joint venture; 
The CONSULTANT should provide a resume for each principal member, the project manager, project engineer and employee(s) of the firm anticipated to be assigned to the project.  Also, provide a team organizational chart and list each person's experience and qualifications, including proof that the Project engineer is licensed as a Mississippi Professional Engineer and that the firm has met state licensure and certification requirements**. The team organizational chart should include each individual’s name, job description (for the project), and company of employment.    
The CONSULTANT should provide a description of similar type work completed during the past five (5) years which qualifies the consultant for this work. Provide a detailed description of the role of the consultant and define whether the consultant was the prime or a subconsultant. Include in the description the amount of the consultant’s contract for the work they provided for the project, the date the consultant’s project was initiated.  The firm should provide contact information for each of the projects.  This will include the name of the client and client’s representative that can verify and discuss the project; 
The CONSULTANT should provide a description of the team’s approach to performing the dam design, repair and rehabilitation services as referenced in this advertisement in an efficient manner.  This description should identify the CONSULTANT’s (and subconsultant’s) resources and abilities in project operations, project management and describe how they will utilize their equipment, personnel, and other technical and procedural resources.  The CONSULTANT should estimate the number of crews anticipated to perform the work and identify how they intend to break out their resources in an efficient manner to provide proper oversight, inspection, and testing services.  In addition, the CONSULTANT should identify any unique company resources, procedures, and/or equipment which will benefit the CONSULTANT to efficiently oversee the PROJECT.  
The CONSULTANT should provide Part II of Standard Form (SF) 330, Architect-Engineer Qualifications. If a firm has branch offices, complete the form for each specific branch office seeking work. In addition, this form should be completed for any subconsultants in the same manner.  
The City will evaluate the Expressions of Interest based on the following factors listed in their relative order of importance:
1. Experience of the Firm in performing specific services and experience on similar Dam projects
2. Qualifications and experience of Staff to be assigned to the project based on requested scope of services
3. Size of the firm's professional and technical staff with respect to the services needed
4. Project Approach
5. Local Presence of the Firm
The City reserves the right to select one (1) consultant or select a short list of consultants from whom more information will be required.  The City reserves the right to reject any and all Proposals, discontinue Contract execution, and/or request additional information with any party at any time prior to final Contract execution.
All questions regarding this request for proposals can be directed toward the City Engineer, Charles Williams Jr., PE, PhD, (601) 960-1651 or or Anthony Harkless, PE, Stormwater Engineer, (601) 960-1651 or
A completed EBO plan must be submitted with the proposal.
The CONSULTANT should mark any and all pages of the proposal considered to be proprietary information which may remain confidential in accordance with Mississippi Code Annotated 25-61-9 and 79-23-1 (1972, as amended). Each page of the proposal that the CONSULTANT considers trade secrets or confidential commercial or financial information should be on a different color paper than non-confidential pages and be marked in the upper right hand corner with the word “CONFIDENTIAL.” Failure to clearly identify trade secrets or confidential commercial or financial information will result in that information being released subject to a public records request.
To be considered, all replies must be received by the Office of the City Clerk, at Jackson City Hall, 219 South President Street, P.O. Box 17, Jackson, MS 39205, on or before 3:30 PM p.m. Tuesday, September 24, 2019.  The Expressions of Interest should be submitted and marked on the outside as Jackson Dry Dam Repair and Rehabilitation Project Proposal.
Robert K. Miller, Director
Department of Public Works
City of Jackson
This Legal Notice will appear in the Jackson Advocate on August 22 & August 29, 2019.
*Miss. Code Ann Sections 73-13-1 through 73-13-45 (1972) (as amended) govern the practice of engineering in Mississippi.  Firms are encouraged to contact the Mississippi Board of Licensure for Professional Engineers and Surveyors at (601) 359-6160 to insure that individuals and firms are qualified to offer and provide services in the State of Mississippi.  The Board’s web address is

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