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The Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office (hereinafter OPSO) invites qualified persons, companies, firms, and entities to submit proposals for pest control and extermination professional services. Pest control and extermination professional services shall include, at a minimum, the following services:
              a) Initial and annual inspection of all OPSO facilities itemized above.
              b) A complete assessment plan annually for all buildings mentioned herein which include treatment prevention.
              c) Provide pest control and extermination services on a monthly basis which include but are not limited to the following pests: bed bugs, termites, cockroaches, flies, mice,
                       ants, mosquitoes, fleas, spiders, rats, crickets, ticks, beetles, gnats, silverfish, wasps, stink bugs, and weevils.
              d) Provide a recommended treatment schedule for each building annually.

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Colemanspest on 07-Mar-2016 8:27:57 PM CST
1. Please identify any previous infestations at the facilities. 2. What is the square footage for each building listed on page 3 of the RFP. 3. What were the terms and award amount on the previously awarded contract. 4. Since termite and bed bug treatments are normally outside the scope of general pest services, are financial resources being allocated to cover those areas. 5. Is OPSO budgeting for the cost of equipment ( bait stations, fly traps, etc) that will be used to deliver pest control services.
on 10-Mar-2016 4:29:59 PM CST
1. The OPSO had a bed bug infestation at the House of Detention after Katrina. I am not able to find the exact dates of this (2007), however the House of Detention is one facility that is closed and will only require limited perimeter services. 2. The square footage and general use descriptions have been added to the new "Exhibit A" that I posted today. 3. I do not know the terms and awarded amount on the previous contract. It was an RFP also, and originally was for a year's service with an option to renew those services. As an RFP, value is the determination for that contract. I was not present for any committee discussions or contract award conversations. I did say that I would provide the OPSO cost for the last six months. The OJC building opened mid-September, so any costs prior to that time would not be close to a realistic number. Since September 2015, the OPSO has approved $39,432.00 for pest services at this time. This is misleading in that since that time, the Templeman 5 facility and the Temporary Detention Center which housed almost 600 inmates have been closed as inmate housing units. 4. There are not any financial resources allocated for termite and or bed bug treatments at this time. If you would like to quote a termite service, please use the Exhibit B section. The only facilities that would possibly be using this would be the McDaniel Transitional Work Center, and the Zuffuto Training Facility. Both of those facilities have had issues with termites in the past, but all damage to those facilities were taken care of during the renovation process. (I do not have further information of this at this time.) 5. The OPSO is not budgeting for equipment cost (bait stations, etc) that will be used to deliver pest control services. If you will be charging the OPSO for bait stations, please note those charges so that can be figured into pest control discussions. The bait stations are the property of the pest control service. Please follow all directives concerning poisons and covered stations so that we will not have any issues with our health department and sanitarian.
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10-Mar-2016 4:35:54 PM CST
addendum No. 1 (exhibit A) uploaded and prebid sign sheet has been scanned and attached
29-Feb-2016 9:54:02 AM CST
updated acknowledgement form (page 1) and added attachment I