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The Mississippi State Port Authority at Gulfport (MSPA) is seeking proposals for designation as the Port Authority’s Security Services Firm.  All inquiries, including the Request for Proposals referenced herein, shall be in writing and directed to Angela Shortt, Purchasing Administrator, 2510 14th Street, Suite 1450, Gulfport, Mississippi, 39501 or via email  You may also access all proposal documents at  Upon written request for consideration of your firm, a Request for Proposal and Qualifications packet will be forwarded that will provide additional information required.   All proposals must be received by 3:00 PM Central Time April 3, 2019.

The Contractor shall secure and protect the premises within the jurisdiction of the MSPA at Gulfport, Mississippi, hereinafter referred to as “Protected Premises” and shall furnish uniformed security guard protection and traffic control services for the Protected Premises. Contractor shall furnish at its own cost and expense, all labor, materials, equipment, supervision, supplies, transportation, insurance and all other services necessary or required to complete the work in accordance with the requirements requested. 


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Security Services Proposal
Mississippi State Port Authority- Port of Gulfport

To: Executive Director, Mississippi State Port Authority at Gulfport
RE: Proposal Information
1.    Maritime Defense Strategy, LLC
Maritime Defense Strategy, LLC is a consulting firm providing the Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA) of 2002 compliance assistance. It is important to understand that the USCG is the enforcement division of the Department of Homeland Security.  The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) have produced federal regulations for your company compliance. Maritime Defense Strategy, LLC continues providing compliance services and assistance since 2003 to many waterfront facilities, vessels, and ports throughout the gulf coast, southeast, northeast, and mid-America. Maritime Defense Strategy, LLC has conducted hundreds of security risk assessments, written hundreds of Facility Security Plans (FSPs), Vessel Security Plans (VSPs), and provided Vessel Security Officers (VSOs) Facility Security Officers (FSOs) and Company Security Officers (CSOs) Training to hundreds of students in order to implement those plans. Maritime Defense Strategy, LLC is one of only seven companies in the US that offers an approved U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) FSO Training and Security Guard training. Currently Maritime Defense Strategy, LLC has trained over 2,500 security guards including the Port of Gulfport.  
All Maritime Defense Strategy, LLC compliance assistance will be provided in accordance with the 33 CFR Part 104 & 105, DHS and the Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC). A recipient of our training services receives a certificate of completion which is registered with the U.S. Coast Guard. Also, a detailed report follows the certificate after the blocks of instruction. In the event documentation is lost or damaged, Maritime Defense Strategy, LLC retains copies for five years.  All documentation is deemed by the USCG to be Sensitive Security Information (S.S.I) and requires appropriate header and footer accordance with 49 CFR 1520.
Maritime Defense Strategy, LLC has provided these services to the Mississippi State Port Authority for over 13 years where we have conducted numerous drills, audits, and exercises. We have conducted two facility risk assessments and revised the Facility Security Plan to meet the requirements of a new five-year submittal.  We are constantly being asked to train our clients’ security guards, which they hire from a third- party security company. We have done this for MSPA several times over the past years. We asked ourselves why to stop at training guards and have those companies benefit from our years of experience. Therefore, we decided a better alternative is providing better trained and highly motivated security guards that come from Maritime Defense Strategy, LLC. Our security guards will be able to interact with law enforcement, maintain secure and or restricted areas, conduct sweeps of any premise, or conduct a proper inspection of vehicles. Maritime Defense Strategy, LLC will provide well-trained security guards, able to function within the scope of a designated security program.   
Joseph Powell
Director of Compliance
Pascagoula, MS Office
 Joseph Powell has been involved in the Law Enforcement industry for over 15 years. Joseph first started his career in the U.S. Coast Guard where he served for four years along the Mississippi Gulf Coast enforcing multiple federal regulations. From there Joseph was accepted among an elite cadre of individuals to join the U.S. Secret Service. While in the U.S. Secret Service Joseph was assigned to the Foreign Missions Branch Operation Center, UN General Assembly Operations and various presidential campaign event in 2004. He was also responsible for the development of risk assessments to better evaluate weak points in security for multiple foreign missions and liaised between state and local police while assigned to the Joint Terrorism Task Force “JTTF”.
In mid-2007, Joseph felt a need to return to Mississippi and use his skills obtained in the U.S. Coast Guard and U.S. Secret Service to better enhance critical infrastructure along the Southeastern United States. At that time, he joined Maritime Defense Strategy LLC. Since then he has conducted over 1000 safety/security audits in reference to the Maritime Transportation Act 2002 and the Oil Pollution Act of 1990. Joseph has also investigated safety/security violations and prepared after action reports specifying preventive action to be taken, provided TWIC training and implantation assistance for over 300 MTSA regulated facilities with a 100% success rate within the scheduled timeframe, provided Safety/Security Risk Assessments and Analysis, has been responsible for the creation, implementation, and maintenance of over 250 Facility Security Plans, and has facilitated and developed over 2000+ security drills and exercises for over 100 companies nationwide, and has trained of over 1,000 security personnel in the subjects of:
  • Knowledge of current security threats and patterns;
  • Recognition and detection of dangerous substances and devices;
  • Recognition of characteristics and behavioral patterns of persons who are likely to threaten security;
  • Techniques used to circumvent security measures;
  • Crowd management and control techniques;
  • Security-related communications;
  • Knowledge of emergency procedures and contingency plans;
  • Operation of security equipment and systems;
  • Testing, calibration, and maintenance of security equipment and systems;
  • Inspection, control, and monitoring techniques;
  • Methods of physical screening of persons, personal effects and baggage.
Along with these attributes, Joseph brings a Bachelor’s Degree in Homeland Security & Emergency Management from Ashford University and certifications in multiple MTSA courses, Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER), First Aid, and CPR. Recently, Joseph has been made a part of the Congressional National Maritime Security Advisory Subcommittee Working Group, on the evaluation of the TWIC Card Program.   
Mark Perry
Senior Consultant
Birmingham, Al Office
Maritime Defense Strategy, LLC’s lead consultant and salesperson is Mark Perry. Mark has a four-year degree from Livingston University. He was also a member of the LU Basketball Team. He taught school and coached football and basketball. He later moved on to sales and was a leading salesman for several companies. Because of his sports background, Mark incorporates a team concept with Maritime Defense Strategy, LLC and it’s clients. Mark has been with Maritime Defense strategy, LLC for 13 years where he has consulted and participated in literally hundreds of drills, exercises, and audits for all types of clients including vessels, waterfront facilities, ports, and oil drill platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. Mark’s experience in CFR33104, CFR33105, and CFR33106 regulations speak to the services above to Maritime Defense Strategy, LLC’s clients. Maritime Defense Strategy, LLC is currently providing compliance to many facilities throughout the southeast, gulf coast mid-America and the northeast locations. Maritime Defense Strategy, LLC has the knowledge and experience to conduct your drills, exercise, audits or training requirements and provide a comprehensive analysis of your security plan.
Dameion Brown
Security Specialist
Jackson, MS Office
Dameion Brown has twenty-one years of experience in the military and security. Two tours of duty with the U.S. Army, one tour in support of Operation Joint Forge, 2001, Bosnia Herzegovina and the other in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, 2012, Afghanistan. Served as a 19K (M1 - A1), enlisted, Armor Crewman for the first eight years of military career and the remainder as a commissioned officer in the U.S. Army Engineer Corp.
In the civilian sector, he operated in a corporate security function within the Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical Industry. He helped plan, organize, direct, and manage business unit security programs to avoid and control losses as well as apply the processes necessary for a secure work environment. Dameion helped develop, manage, or conduct threat/vulnerability analyses to determine the probable frequency and severity of natural and manmade disasters, criminal activity on organizational profitability and ability to deliver products/services. He helps evaluate methods to improve security and loss prevention systems continuously with auditing, review, and assessment. Dameion established, maintained, and managed external relations programs with public sector law enforcement and other external organizations to achieve loss prevention objectives. All experience spans over the domains of crisis management; information systems; investigation; legal issues; security management; physical security; applications; and duty of care or executive protection.
During his years of service in the military and corporate security, Dameion learned how the aspects of security guard services, post orders, hiring, and training personnel for duty come together for clients and customers. He understands that security personnel is seen as force multipliers in the protection of property, customers, equipment, and money from a variety of hazards such as waste, damaged property, unsafe worker behavior, criminal activity, and theft. Preventative measures maintain high-visibility and presence to deter illegal and inappropriate actions. He understands that services are provided through maintaining patrols, monitoring or surveillance.  Reporting any incidents to their clients and emergency services is another part of security services where integration with police or paramedics are intangible abilities clients come to expect from guard force service providers.  Dameion remains versed in all of these industry standards while maintaining lawful authority to protect private and government property.
C. Business- Age and Size of Business
Maritime Defense Strategy has been providing security compliance for over sixteen years to clients throughout the United States. Maritime Defense Strategy is a veteran-owned company listed in the United States Small Business Administration (SBA).  
D. Experiences:
 Over the last fifteen, (15) years Maritime Defense Strategy has trained over 1,500 security guards to meet the requirements of the Maritime Transportation Security of 2002, including those of the Mississippi State Port Authority (MSPA) – Port of Gulfport. Over the last ten years alone Maritime Defense Strategy LLC has trained 10 MSPA security guards in the subjects of: Knowledge of current security threats and patterns; Recognition and detection of dangerous substances and devices; Recognition of characteristics and behavioral patterns of persons who are likely to threaten security; Techniques used to circumvent security measures; Crowd management and control techniques; Security related communications; Knowledge of emergency procedures and contingency plans; Operation of security equipment and systems; Testing, calibration, and maintenance of security equipment and systems; Inspection, control, and monitoring techniques; Methods of physical screening of persons, personal effects and baggage. Also, Maritime Defense Strategy, LLC is the MSPA chosen security consultant for over ten years. We have conducted over 50 security drills and exercise along with over 100 hours of training. We have now written three (3) Facility Security Plans and over five (5) amendments to include the commissioning of the USS Jackson, Celebration Restoration, Mississippi Governor visits and filmed movies.  We at Maritime Defense Strategy LLC believe MSPA the values our expertise in security. Below is a list of references to which Maritime Defense Strategy LLC provides the same services currently provided to MSPA.
Ashland Corporation, Pittsburg PA where we provide all MTSA compliance requirements including training of security guard personnel employed by G4S. Contact person: Ty Scott 412-559-3603
Zenith Energy Terminals, Mobile, AL where we provide at MTSA compliance requirements including training of security personnel employed by Zenith Admiral. Contact person: Allen Rentz 251-432-7666
Ergon Refinery, Inc., Vicksburg MS where we have provided security training for over 100 security personnel belonging to Securitas. Contact person: Tommy Baker 601-831-1488
E: Approach
Roving patrols are a part of Maritime Defense Strategy training for its guards, current client needs, and part of its Secret Service and military experience over the last 20 years. Restricted area patrols are a familiar part of the Maritime Defense Strategy experience. We know how to instruct on patrolling all areas assigned areas. Furthermore, monitoring surveillance is a part of any guard service’s assistance to a client. Maritime Defense Strategy teaches clients in exercises and drill how to not only look for suspicious activity but to look for safety hazards, property damage, and other issues that may occur during operations. The service provider is part of the client’s team; therefore, it must understand how to interpret documentation and other major tasks performed as a part of the client’s business. Again, the supervisors over the potential contract from Maritime Defense Strategy have the experience through the military to journal and log all traffic. The experience is proven in the United States Secret Service and two tours of duty in Bosnia and Afghanistan.
F: Proposal
Maritime Defense Strategy LLC is a regulatory compliance company who works with the marine industry stakeholders of oil, gas, chemical manufacturing, and port industry operators to develop appropriate policies and management systems to manage risks such as environmental, security, and health & safety. Our senior-level consultants offer expertise in the fields of training, consulting, organizational development, audits, and assessments to clients operating in time-sensitive workplace environments. Based along the Mississippi Gulf Coast, Maritime Defense Strategy LLC has built a solid reputation for professionalism, efficiency and high level of service. Currently, members of Maritime Defense Strategy LLC sit on the Congressional National Maritime Security Subcommittee for the review of the TWIC Card program.
Maritime Defense Strategy is a compliance-based security company who interprets and assist clients who must comply with the 33 Code of Federal Regulation (CFR) Parts 101,103, 104, 105, and 106. Thus, Maritime Defense Strategy LLC will ensure all report required by the Mississippi State Port Authority and their facility security plan are completed promptly and submitted to proper personnel for review.
Fees will be paid bi-monthly on an hourly basis to the guards for their hours worked during those two weeks. Vehicle fees will be contracted every month and according to MSPA needs. Maritime Defense Strategy will invoice Mississippi State Port Authority bi-monthly for those fees that have accrued.
See Exhibit B
Guard Rate: Per Hour
Vehicle Rate: Per Month
G: Training Programs
Currently, Maritime Defense Strategy LLC is one out of twelve of companies nationwide that train all of their security personnel under a U.S. Coast Guard approved training course for security personnel.  Under this agreement, all security personnel will be trained under this program before being assigned. Also, Maritime Defense Strategy and its partners have a five-phase approach to onboarding and development: 1) new employee orientation, 2) on-the-job-training post certification, 3) core training, 4) quarterly site training and 5) vertical market training. This five-phase approach ensure security personnel is well trained to ensure the protection of your site.
H: Personnel
Before hiring an applicant for a job position, Maritime Defense Strategy goes through a step-by-step process to find the most qualified candidate. Though a search can take time, a rushed hire can lead to additional staff turnover and missed opportunity costs. By investing in a thorough and detailed hiring process, a hiring staff can make the right decisions and bring in talented professionals who will help the company grow. Maritime Defense Strategy embraces this process. The 15 Steps of the Hiring Process for Maritime Defense Strategy includes 1. Identify hiring need; 2. Plan; 3. Create a job description; 4. Post and promote job openings; 5. Recruiting; 6. Applicant screening; 7. Screening interview; 8. Interviews; 9. Applicant talent assessment; 10. Background check; 11. Decision/Drug Screen; 12. Reference checks; 13. Job offer; 14. Hiring; and 15. Onboarding
 I:  Benefits   
Maritime Defense Strategy LLC pushes in providing meaningful and affordable employee benefits. Employees who are offered benefits and fair compensation have peace of mind and a clearer focus on their daily job responsibilities. There is a direct correlation between providing employee benefits and attracting high-caliber personnel. Benefits are a strong factor in employee engagement,
satisfaction, and productivity, which are critical to the success of your security program.
In an industry where turnover rates can be as high as 100%, Maritime Defense Strategy LLC has cultivated an environment of employee engagement that has resulted in long-term employee loyalty and
consistently lower than average turnover. We are committed to doing what is in the best interest of
our clients, and that starts with treating our employees well. We know that benefits are extremely
important to our employees and that they prefer to have a choice when it comes to medical plans.
Some of the benefits available to security professionals Include:
  • Medical Insurance options
  • Dental and vision coverage
  • Anniversary bonus program
  • Disability and life insurance
  • Uniforms at no cost
  • Paid Vacation for qualifying employees
Maritime Defense Strategy will recognize these holidays at the Mississippi State Port Authority
  1. New Year’s Day (Jan 1st)
  2. Martin Luther King/Robert E Lee’s Birthday (Third Monday of Jan)
  3. Presidents Day (Third Monday of Feb)
  4. Good Friday (Friday before Easter)
  5. Memorial Day ( Last Monday of May)
  6. Independence Day (Fourth of July)
  7. Labor Day First Monday of Sept)
  8. Veterans Day (Eleventh day of Nov)
  9. Thanksgiving ( Fourth Thursday of Nov)
  10. Christmas Day ( Twenty-fifth day of Dec)
K.  Acceptance of Conditions
       No exceptions
L. Completed and signed request for proposal submission form (Exhibit A)
M. Completed and signed MSPA Security Services Rate Sheet (Exhibit B)
N, Additional Data
      U.S. Coast Guard Approval – Personnel with Security Duties Training


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The Mississippi State Port Authority at Gulfport
Attn: Executive Director & CEO
2510 14th St, Suite 1450
Gulfport, MS 39501

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