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Ampbids on 28-Mar-2022 11:30:06 AM
Good morning, I wanted to clarify two things: 1. Is this RFP for math resources? The title says science, but the items in the RFP refer to math and second attachment looks like it is referring to science materials. 2. On page 17 of the RFP, it says "Curricular materials must be included as a curriculum resource for Algebra1, Geometry, and Algebra 2 in the LDOE 2022-2023 Strategic Planning and Budgeting Workbook which include the following: ? Agile Mind (Agile Mind) ? envision AGA (Pearson/Savvas) ? Eureka Math (Great Minds) ? High School Math Learning Solutions (Carnegie Learning Inc) ? Illustrative Math (Kendall Hunt) ? SpringBoard Math (College Board) Does this mean that if we are not one of the programs listed above we should not submit a bid? Thank you.
OPSBBJ on 28-Mar-2022 04:59:46 PM
Thank you for reaching to to us. I will be posting an addendum to correct page 17. This RFP is for science kits and not math related. OPSB will accept equivalents that compare to OpenSciEd, yet that must meet LDOE 2022-2023 Curriculum Standards. We appreciate you bringing this to our attention.
JHaverkock on 06-Apr-2022 03:14:33 PM
Is this bid a request for science kits (like OpenSciEd) and also the curricular materials like TE and SE? Or, is this simply a request for science kits that teach the OSE curriculum? Can a bid response only include pricing for kits that would support the OER version of the OSE curriculum as published?
OPSBBJ on 07-Apr-2022 07:40:59 AM
JHaverkook - This RFP is for science kits that are pre packaged, ready for classroom use and must be TIER 1 Louisiana State Curriculum approved.
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28-Mar-2022 05:22:27 PM
Addendum to correct error on page 11 and 17.
24-Mar-2022 11:35:10 AM
Changed bid type to RFP