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Request for Proposals

Telecommunication Services
(Plain Old Telephone Service - POTS)
Bogalusa City Schools

January 21, 2014

Bogalusa City Schools
1705 Sullivan Drive
Bogalusa, LA 70427

Bogalusa City Schools Request for Proposals

Sealed bids will be received by the Bogalusa School Board, 1705 Sullivan Drive, Bogalusa, Louisiana 70427, until 2:00 p.m. February 20, 2014, for Basic Maintenance of Internal Connections, Internal Connections, Internet Access, and Telecommunication Services.

Additional information and RFP’s can be found at

At the time and place stated above, all bids on hand will be publicly opened and read aloud. Any bid received after date and hour shown above will be returned unopened to the bidder.

The Bogalusa School Board reserves the right to adjust quantities and to reject any and all bids.

Advertised in the local newspaper -The Daily News:
First Printing - Wednesday, January 29, 2014
Second Printing - Sunday, February 07, 2014
Third Printing - Friday, February 16, 2014


1.0 Objective

The Bogalusa City School System (hereinafter referred to as “BCS”) intends to purchase telecommunication services to support its Wide Area Network and school-site LANs, phone, and network to the desktop level of all schools and other locations as described in this document. BCS herewith requests proposals for these services as described in the attached specifications from interested persons (hereinafter known as "the Vendor"). The Vendor must submit a comprehensive proposal for a solution. Vendors should show an integrated approach with respect to services and support proposed. Prices quoted shall be all-inclusive. BCS reserves the right to accept or reject any and all proposals or parts of proposals, waive any technicalities, and award all or part of the contract in any manner that is in the best interest of the BCS School System. Final prices and terms may be negotiated before the final contract is awarded. This RFP does not commit BCS to award a contract or pay any cost incurred in the preparation of a proposal.

BCS may require a vendor to enter into an agreement based on their proposal without further discussion and using the proposal and this RFP as a binding contract, or BCS may require the vendor to enter into further negotiations to better meet the needs of BCS. BCS reserves the right to request further data, discussion, presentation, and/or demonstrations in support of the written proposal at any time prior to the execution of a contract. Vendors will be required to provide written cost, technical, or other revisions of the proposal that result from negotiations and/or demonstrations.

Other information may be made available to interested persons by contacting Heather McDaniel by email at .

Contact Person for this RFP is:

Heather McDaniel
Technology Coordinator
Bogalusa City Schools
Telephone: 985-281-2177
FAX: 985-732-5380

All aspects of this project must comply with the Federal Communication Commission’s competitive bidding requirement for Universal Service Fund (USF) support and services.

1.1 Overview and Scope of Project

The BCS School System desires to acquire the following telecommunications services.

• 60-120 POTS line
• Long Distance service for all of the above phone lines

Vendor MUST have the ability to provide same-day, on-site support for any connection failures. These connections carry data and traffic. Proposed solution must work with existing hardware or provide additional hardware as part of the proposal in a way that follows the e-rate guidelines.

Vendor MUST have the ability to provide same-day, on-site support for any connection failures. These connections carry data and telephone traffic.

Proposed solution must support existing BCS hardware.

1.2. Sites:

The following sites will receive POTS lines

1 Bogalusa City School Board Office
2 Bogalusa High School
3 Central Elementary School
4 Byrd Avenue
5 Denhamtown Elementary
6 Northside Parent Resource Center

The following sites could receive services as well

1. Pleasant Hill Elementary School
2. Superior Ave Elementary School

1.2.2 TERMS

1. No additional travel or other costs are allowed. Additional travel will not be paid.
2. Because of the advance timing of this contract in order to follow e-rate guidelines, the Customer requests that price-drops occurring before implementation be passed on to the Customer. All respondents should indicate in the response if they agree to this provision.
3. For the full period of the contract, it is expected that the vendor will handle any warranty returns or claims on any equipment at NO additional cost to BCS. If an additional cost is associated with this, it must be included in the proposal as part of the cost of each unit. In the absence of an explicit cost, the vendor must provide those services at no cost.
4. The BCS Technology Coordinator and/or designee shall be notified by cell phone and email of the ongoing status of any upgrade implementations and made aware of the specific steps being taken to complete each; including a schedule of delivery and installation and at least weekly updates of schedule changes and adjustments.
5. The selected vendor will provide a “Single Point-of-Contact” person for all problem reports and escalation procedures including a “chain-of-command” list including contact information to assure immediate response in the case of issues needing immediate resolution for use during the implementation phase and during the delivery of service for the term of the contract.
6. The Vendor must complete installation by June 30, 2014.

1.2.3 Support

Vendor must have offices and staff located in Louisiana and will be able to provide same-day service, if needed.

Call handling for problem resolution will use the following escalation process:

Tier 1
Call Help Desk (toll free or local phone number to all schools) and web-based problem reporting. E-mail reports and questions.

Tier 2
Lead contact assigned to major issues and contacted through BCS Technology Coordinator and/or designee. The selected vendor will provide a Single Point-of-Contact person for all problem reports and escalation procedures including a chain-of-command list including contact information to assure immediate response

Tier 3
Dispatch on-site technical resources, if needed to resolve connection issues unable to be resolved remotely.

Tier 4
Management Contact name and pager/cell phone escalation chart to at least vice president level for serious concerns by BCS

1.2.4 Vendor Documentation and Qualifications

All responses to this request for proposals should include any information that the vendor considers applicable with regard to this network. All proposals must include technical information and specifications sufficient to allow the BCS to determine that the vendor meets all requirements and can provide satisfactory service.

1. Complete the Proposal Response Form.
2. Provide a detailed proposal with tiered pricing.
3. Identify your company’s primary line of business.
4. Identify your company’s specific service/installation capabilities by geographical proximity to the schools listed in this RFP. In order to ensure the proper support of this network as described in the proposal, all vendors must have a full service location and/or technical staff based within 90 miles of Bogalusa, LA. Please list addresses of staff facilities and offices located within the state. Vendors without facilities or staff currently within this state will be excluded from submitting proposals for this project.
5. Describe how local resources would be dispatched in the case of an emergency.
6. Describe procedures for requesting repairs and maintenance on remote web site if offered.
7. The vendor must describe the resources they will use to monitor, manage and repair services.
8. Describe your company’s experience and expertise within the educational K 12 market as it pertains to the support of Telecommunications, specifically, POTS lines.
9. Provide references of projects that your company has provided which are similar in design to that described in this RFP. These reference lists must include the names, addresses, and phone numbers of people that can be contacted. Describe your company’s certifications as registered with the ANY manufacturers listed in your response.
10. Describe the method for requesting Adds/Moves/Changes to completed access.
11. Describe and define ownership and space requirements of any necessary equipment installed at the BCS School Board Office.
12. Describe and define the timeline necessary to complete the RFP.
13. The Vendor must complete installation by June 30, 2014.
14. The Proposal Response Form will serve as a formal letter of transmittal when signed by an authorized individual legally binding the Vendor. The Vendor must agree to deliver items in this RFP in accordance with the terms and conditions as specified herein without modification unless agreed to in writing (posted to RFP website) prior to proposal submission.
15. The Vendor must agree to the special terms of the Universal Service Fund.
Vendor must agree to the following conditions in their response to BCS:

The Telecommunications Reform Act of 1996, and specifically the Universal Service Fund (as administered by the Schools and Libraries Division or SLD) with its discounts (referred to hereafter as "E Rate") to schools and libraries, will materially affect the present procurement. The E Rate enables qualified schools and libraries to receive subsidies from the federal program. Since BCS and/or its schools will pay the required percentage of the service price, the successful vendor must make arrangements to recover the remainder of the purchase price for the equipment and services from the Universal Service Fund. In addition, by responding to this RFP, the Vendor must acknowledge that data bandwidth upgrade agreements for each site are dependent on e-rate approval and the scope of this project will be adjusted to reflect e-rate funding approved.
Because distribution of funds under the e rate is not guaranteed, BCS reserves the right to change the configuration proposed herein or abandon it altogether should BCS not receive the E rate discounts for any or all services. Furthermore, in order to accommodate and facilitate BCS's reliance on the e rate funding scheme, the successful vendor will be required to sign a contract for the products and services to be supplied as a result of this RFP which is contingent on BCS's eligibility for and receipt of e-rate discounts. Said contract may become null and void should BCS not receive the e-rate discount rate or amounts applied for.

16. The Vendor must agree to accept change orders because of the uncertainty of the e-rate funding and changing Customer needs. BCS and Vendor will use the Vendor’s proposed prices in the RFP response to price these change orders.
17. The Vendor must include a Primary and Alternate contact name, address, phone number, fax number, and email address.
18. The proposal must be valid as maximum prices during the fiscal year, beginning July 1, 2014 and ending no earlier than June 30, 2017 with a proposed length of contract as a part of the proposal. BCS mandates that any contract will become null and void if the Vendor is unable to deliver dependable services that support BCS POTS needs.
19. At the option of the Bogalusa City School Board and acceptance of the Vendor, this contract may be renewed for two additional twelve-month periods at the same price and terms.
20. Vendors submitting a proposal must have experience with providing defined services as defined by the Schools and Library Division of USAC and must have a SPIN.


2.0 Response Submission

Responses to this RFP must be submitted in sealed packages and delivered to the Bogalusa City School System, no later than 2:30 P.M. CST on 2/20/2014, so that this RFP is in compliance with the Federal Communication Commission’s competitive bidding requirement for Universal Service Fund (USF) support and services. It is the sole responsibility of the respondents to ensure that their responses arrive in a timely manner. The Vendor must submit the signed original and two (2) copies of the response along with any required or desired supporting documentation. “Telecommunication Services for Bogalusa City Schools – POTS 2014” should be clearly marked on the face of the envelope containing the proposal along with the opening date of 2/20/2014 to Bogalusa City Schools, 1705 Sullivan Dr., Bogalusa, LA 70427, Attn: Deloris Walker. Failure to comply with this may cause the proposal to be mis-directed and therefore not to be considered. Responses may be for any portions of the Services requested with a complete plan, INCLUDING ALL COSTS involved in effectively implementing the proposal. Substitutions and partial proposals will be allowed, but BCS reserves the right to reject any proposal which substitutes components or offers a partial proposal that does not match BCS’s plans for implementation or SLD application requirements. Oral, telephone, faxed or telegraphic proposals shall not be considered, nor will modifications of proposals by such communication be considered. The completed proposal form and all documentation shall be without erasures or alterations. Signatures on the proposals shall be in longhand and executed in blue ink by an individual duly authorized by the Vendor to make a contract. Proposals made out in pencil will NOT be accepted.

2.1 Costs Associated with Preparation of the Vendor’s Response

Bogalusa City School System will not be liable for any cost incurred by the respondents in preparing responses, negotiating, or pursuing the award of this contract in any manner.

2.2 Interpretation and Changes

The intent of this RFP is to communicate BCS’s requirements to any qualified and interested vendor. Our intention is to receive effective proposals for POTs lines as stated in this proposal. BCS will make any interpretation, correction, or change to the RFP in writing. Interpretations, corrections, or changes to the RFP made in any other manner will not be binding, and the Vendor shall not rely upon such interpretations, corrections, or changes.

2.3 Addenda

It will be the responsibility of all respondents to contact BCS prior to submitting a response to the RFP to ascertain if any ADDENDA have been issued, and to obtain any and all ADDENDA, execute them, and address them within the response to the RFP.

2.4 Proposal Binding Period

Prices quoted in the Vendor’s response for all services will remain in effect for at least a period of three years from the issuance date of the Vendor’s response. BCS would like term pricing listed from three to five years and would like the term to have a multi-year extension clause. Because BCS is tax-exempt, no taxes, whether local, state, or federal, imposed on services herein provided may be passed on to BCS by the vendor. It is also against board policy to pay late fees. Every effort will be made to pay the board's portion of any bill within 30 days of its receipt, but any proposal MUST exempt the board from any late fees for a period of at least 90 days. Late fees MUST also be forgiven during any period during which payment is withheld while costs or services are disputed.

2.5 Omissions

Omissions in the proposal of any provision herein described shall not be construed as to relieve the Vendor of any responsibility or obligation to the complete and satisfactory delivery, operation, and support of any and all services. It is the responsibility of the vendor to submit a COMPLETE proposal. Any additional costs will be paid by the vendor. Proposal must include all installation and ongoing costs.

2.6 Financing

BCS desires to purchase services using funds made available to the School System through the Federal Communications Commission E-Rate. Acceptance of the proposal by the BCS School System will initiate a contract with the Vendor which will include an option to dissolve the agreement in writing if the Vendor does not provide dependable services or timely delivery of equipment. The Bogalusa City School System will not pay its portion until any service has been successfully completed. It is the Vendor’s responsibility to request funds from the SLD for approved e-rate funds.

2.7 Vendor Registration with the Schools and Libraries Corporation

The Vendor is required to file with the Schools and Libraries Division (SLD) for reimbursement under E-Rate guidelines. If the Vendor fails to file the appropriate forms with the SLD or fails to receive an SLD Vendor Number, the Bogalusa City School System is not responsible for the discounted portion of the Vendor’s bill. The Vendor must generate an invoice for the USF portion of the bill in accordance with SLD regulations. Vendor is responsible for supplying SLD SPIN with this proposal and applying to the SLD for payment of the SLD discounted portion of the cost. Bogalusa City Schools will ONLY pay the BCS discounted portion of the costs.

2.8 Price Quotations

Price quotations are to include the furnishing of all necessary materials, equipment, shipping charges, and the provision of all labor and services necessary or proper for the delivery of the upgrades to maintain the hardware stability and integrity of the BCS network. Any items or services not described in this document, but necessary for the successful upgrades of the network should be described and justified within the proposal. The goal of this proposal is to obtain reasonably priced, effective basic maintenance of the network and not the cheapest solution. The vendor should agree to adjust pricing to reflect price decreases occurring between the contract signing and the implementation because of the time-delay necessitated by the e-rate process. In no case will a vendor charge BCS greater than the current LA State Contract pricing or WSCA (Western States Contracting Alliance) under this agreement or its pricing offered to similar entities. Likewise, any future upgrades to the system MUST be offered at the lowest pricing being offered to similar entities by the Vendor.

2.9 Evaluation of Responses

BCS may, at its discretion and at no fee to BCS, invite any Vendor to appear for questioning during response evaluation for the purpose of clarifying statements in the response. Each proposal will be evaluated based on criteria and priorities defined by the Bogalusa City School System. Proposals will first be screened based upon compliance with the base requirements. The evaluation criteria include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Vendor’s ability to meet all the requirements detailed in the RFP and evaluation of vendor qualifications. (20%)
2. The proposal will be evaluated based on the Technology Committee’s determination of the ability of the proposal to meet the district’s current and future needs. (20%)
3. Cost (relative to proposed level of service/equipment and affordability). (40%)
4. Vendor’s overall performance record based on past experience, available references and perceived reliability. (20%)

2.10 References

BCS may, with full cooperation of the Vendors, request to visit client installations to observe equipment operations and consult with references about equipment/services. Specified visits and discussion shall be arranged through the Vendors. The Vendor must provide service customers as references.

2.11 Equal Employment Opportunity

In connection with the execution of this Contract, the Vendors shall not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, religion, color, sex, age, or national origin. The Vendors shall take action to ensure that minority and disadvantaged applicants are employed and employees are treated during their employment without regard to race, religion, color, sex, age, or national origin.

2.12 Patents and Royalties

The Vendor, without exception, shall indemnify and hold harmless BCS and its employees from any liability of any nature or kind, including costs and expenses for or on account of any trademarked, copyrighted, patented, or non-patented invention, process, or article manufactured or used in the performance of the Contract, including its use by BCS if said process or product is a part of this response. If the Vendor or subcontractor uses any design, device, or material covered by letters, patent, trademark, or copyright, it is mutually understood and agreed without exception that the proposal prices shall include all royalties or cost arising from the use of such design, device, or materials in any way involved in the work.

2.13 Right to Reject

BCS reserves the right to accept or reject all proposals or sections thereof when the rejection is in the best interest of the Bogalusa City School System. BCS reserves the right to award without further discussion. Therefore, responses should be submitted initially with the most favorable terms that the Vendor proposes. BCS reserves the right to reject the proposal of a Vendor who has previously failed to perform properly or completed on time contracts of a similar nature; and to reject the proposal of any Vendor who in the opinion of BCS is not in a position to adequately perform the contract.

BCS reserves the right to reject any or all proposals; any part or parts of a proposal, waive any technicalities/informalities, increase or reduce quantities, make modifications or change specifications, and award any or all of the contract in a manner that is in the best interest of Bogalusa City School System. Contracts will be awarded to the Vendor submitting the proposal determined to be in the best interests of the Bogalusa City School System.

2.14 Certificate of Insurance

BCS requests the Vendor awarded the contract to furnish a Certificate of Insurance within fifteen (15) calendar days after the award of the bid but prior to delivery/installation of services.

1. General Liability insurance with a minimum of $300,000 combined single limit and $50,000 property damage.
2. Comprehensive General Automobile Liability insurance with minimum limits of $100,000/$300,000 bodily injury and $50,000 property damage.
3. Workmen’s Compensation with $100,000 employers’ liability coverage.

TO: The Bogalusa City School System

Name of Firm
Mailing Address
City, State, Zip Code

Vendor SPIN Number: ____________________________________

Having carefully examined the Request for Proposals documents prepared by Bogalusa City School System entitled Telecommunications Services for Bogalusa City Schools - POTS, RFP 2014, and together with such addenda, if any, as listed hereafter, the undersigned hereby proposes and agrees to provide all services as specified in the attached RFP, these sheets being a part of the Proposal, for the itemized and/or total prices shown and under the terms attached. It is agreed that the undersigned has complied with all requirements concerning Vendor Qualifications, licensing, and with all other local, state, federal laws, and that no legal requirement has been violated in making or accepting this proposal, in awarding a contract, or in the delivery of products. In submitting this proposal, it is understood that the right is reserved by BCS to reject any or all proposals and waive all technicalities/informalities in connection therewith. It is also agreed that this proposal may not be withdrawn for a period of Ninety (90) days from the opening thereof. Prices quoted are maximums for the term of the proposal. Acceptance by the Bogalusa City School Board will make the proposal and this RFP a binding contract. For any disagreement between the proposal and this RFP, the RFP will be the determining document.

The undersigned declares that the person or persons signing the Proposal is/are fully authorized to sign on behalf of the firm listed and to fully bind the firm listed to all of the conditions and provisions thereof. Installation pricing should be total installation cost and subject to modifications in pricing structure necessitated by SLD rules for the e-rate. Pricing should include any and all costs and should represent a total cost of providing services including any materials needed. In view of the terms of this Request for Proposals, the undersigned proposes to furnish all equipment and services for the established rates described below and/or on attached sheets. It is recommended that a page of detailed specifications, features, and pricing be included to describe the benefit of the upgrade solution, installation scope of work, and other important information that would make the upgrade most attractive to Bogalusa City Schools.

Signature: _____________________________________________________

Title: _____________________________________________________

Date: _______________________

Phone: _______________________

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