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The Board of Supervisors of Harrison County, Mississippi, will receive Sealed Proposals at the Board Conference Room in the First Judicial District Courthouse located at 1801 23rd Avenue, Gulfport, Mississippi 39501 until the hour of 10:30 o’clock A.M. (CST) on Friday, February 11, 2022 for:

Professional Engineering Services in connection with:

Various infrastructure projects identified by Harrison County (HARCO) as eligible for ARPA funding. These projects are generally related to water and sewer infrastructure improvements, beach outfall and other drainage improvements, and other infrastructure improvements and upgrades within the County. Engineering services may include, but are not limited to preliminary engineering study/design, funding support, surveying, engineering design, engineering estimates, permitting, construction documents, easement documents, easement acquisition, bid phase services, construction administration and inspection, close-out documentation, quality control reviews, value engineering reviews, and construction project management assistance.
The selected firms shall provide services related to the scope of work described fully in the Information Packet.
Information Packets are available at:
RFP Information Packets are available at NO CHARGE by contacting the Harrison County Purchasing Department at 228-865-4028.
RFP documents can be viewed, or downloaded (cost may apply for non-members) at www.centralbidding.com . For any questions relating to registration at www.centralbidding.com , or the electronic bidding/submittal process, call Central Bidding at 225-810-4814.
Additional information regarding the scope of work for this solicitation may also be examined at the following locations:

A.  Plan House: Documents can be viewed or downloaded at www.harrisoncountybids.com . For any questions relating to access or download of documents, please call Cory Dewett at
     662-407-0193 or, 662-687-1209. 

B.  Mississippi Procurement Technical Assistance Program (MPTAP)
     Mississippi Development Authority, Minority & Small Business Development 
     Woolfolk Building
     501 North West Street
     Suite B 01
     Jackson, MS 39201
C.  South MS Procurement Technical Assistance Center
2500 14th Street
     Suite 800, 8th Floor
     Gulfport, MS 39501
     Contact Tina Taylor
     Ph: 228-396-1288, Email: tina.taylor@southmsptac.org
It is mandatory to submit one (1) clearly marked original HARD COPY, and eight (8) clearly marked hard copies. Contact Harrison County Purchasing Department at 228-8695-4028 should you have any questions regarding the submittal requirement of hard copies.
All “Sealed Proposals” must be on file with the Clerk of the Board prior to the opening date and time as stated above. Sealed proposals must be sealed and clearly marked on the outside of the envelope as indicated “RFP PROPOSAL FOR ENGINEERING SERVICES ARPA FUNDED HARCO PROJECTS to be opened on Friday, February 11, 2022. Sealed envelopes not so marked are submitted at the risk of the prospective contractor and the County assumes no responsibility for the premature opening of same by any County employee. Sealed proposals sent through the U.S. Mail are done so at the risk of the prospective contractor and should be addressed to the Harrison County Board of Supervisors, in care of the Chancery Clerks Office, Post Office Drawer CC, Gulfport, Mississippi, 39502. The County is NOT responsible for proposals that arrive in the mail after the designated opening time.
Sealed proposals may be delivered in person to the Harrison County Chancery Clerk’s Office in the First Judicial District Courthouse located at 1801 23rd Ave, Gulfport, Mississippi until 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, February 10, 2022 or the Board of Supervisor’s conference room at the First Judicial District Courthouse, 1801 23rd Ave., Gulfport, Mississippi on Friday, February 11, 2022 prior to the opening time as listed above.
“Electronic RFP’s” must be submitted on-line at www.centralbidding.com prior to the opening date and time as stated above. For any questions relating to registration at www.centralbidding.com , or the electronic bidding process, call Central Bidding at 225-810-4814. NOTE: HARD COPY SUBMITTALS ARE MANDATORY AND AS STATED ABOVE. 
Engineering firms/individuals should submit a list of their qualifications, experience, and capacity for performance. Firms/Individuals must submit the name of the primary contact person and the person within the firm (if applicable) who shall be the Owner’s contact and party primarily responsible for rendering services, if selected.
These projects will be funded by the American Rescue Plan Act funds, more specifically US Treasury State and Local Fiscal Recovery funds, and have been deemed a priority by the County. The use of these funds will allow the County which is working in conjunction with the Harrison County Utility Authority and other local water and sewer districts through mutual -agreement, to meet the critical need for investments and improvements to existing infrastructure in water and sewer and the construction of new infrastructure, where needed, to improve access to clean drinking water, improve wastewater and storm water infrastructure systems, and flood control within Harrison County.
Minority and Women’s Business Enterprises are solicited to submit a proposal and are encouraged to make inquiries regarding potential subcontracting opportunities. When subcontracting, all potential contractors must make positive efforts to use small and minority owned business and women business enterprises.  See 2.CFR.200.321.
If you have any questions concerning the Request for Proposals, please call Harrison County Purchasing at 228-865-4028, or email Jody M. Webster at jmwebster@co.harrison.ms.us. 
       By Order of the Board of Supervisors, this the 22nd day of November 2021.
       John McAdams
       Clerk of the Board of Supervisors
       Harrison County, Mississippi
       By ___________________________________
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       Wednesday, January 5, 2022
       Wednesday, January 12, 2022
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