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The Hancock County School District is receiving sealed bids for an integrated supplemental assessment and instruction solution until August 31, 2020 at 2:00 p.m. 
The integrated solution should be specifically designed and developed to address the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and/or the state standards in reading and mathematics. The blended-learning solution should include a web-based, adaptive diagnostic assessment and comprehensive reporting suite for grades K–8, plus interim growth monitoring, differentiated online instruction, and downloadable lesson plans to guide teacher-led instruction for students performing below grade level 9.   
A request for proposal (RFP) packet may be obtained from the Hancock County School District Office located at 17304 Highway 603, Kiln, MS  39556 or by calling Denise Ladner at 228-255-0376.
Proposals can be submitted electronically at They may also be mailed via Fedex or UPS or hand-delivered to 17304 Highway 603, Kiln, MS 39556.  Official RFP documents can also be downloaded from For any questions relating to the download of the electronic documents, please call Central Bidding at 225-810-4814.
Proposals must be advertised and clearly marked on the outside of the envelope “Integrated Supplemental Assessment.”  Failure to comply will cause the bid to be disqualified.
Dr. Christine Moseley
Director of Federal Programs
Hancock County School District

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