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Louisiana > City of Alexandria
Sealed Bid: 8198507
Listing Information/Advertisement
Sealed bids willl be received for the City of Alexandria, Louisiana, by the City Clerk, at City Council Chambers, City Hall, 915 Third Street, Alexandria, Louisiana, 71301, until 10:00 AM on Tuesday, the 25th day of January, 2022, and then at said office publically opened and read aloud.

Additional Notes/Requirements
Mandatory PreBid Conference Tuesday January 18, 2022 at 10:30 AM at the project site.
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19-Jan-2022 09:59:54 AM
Added Addendum No. 3
13-Jan-2022 09:57:41 AM
Addendum No. 2 has been issued. A manadory prebid conference will be held on Tuesday January 18, 2022 at the project site.
03-Jan-2022 11:23:16 AM
Addendum No. 1 has been issued. It allows the classification of "Building Construction" to the acceptable license.